Phoenix Cop: "I've Got One Tool, To Beat People Up And Take Them To Jail"

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jul. 11, 2013

Phoenix police officer Richard Greco wore a department issued lapel camera throughout his "service," after complaints were filed against him the videos of his patrols were finally watched, and what was shown was a cop acting like, well, a cop. (Incidentally, enforcing idiot laws written by criminal politicians doesn't exactly attract the best and brightest.)

Surprisingly, Greco was fired after the videos were reviewed. (If only he had killed someone and their dog, then he'd still have a job.)

While this officer was fired for being candid and honestly stating how he viewed the scumbag public he was tasked with ruling over, other officers made to wear lapel cams have been filmed going on terroristic rampages. (See: Lapel Cam Reveals A Day In The Life Of A U.S. Police Officer (Tasing, Beating, Breaking & Entering, Stomping On Heads... and Laughing About It))

Every cop in the US should be required to wear one of these cameras, and every patrol should be a matter of public record freely watchable by anyone on YouTube.

Surely most cops will find this acceptable, after all, if they're not doing anything wrong, what do they have to hide?

We shouldn't have to wait for a complaint to be filed before any of these videos are watched, let the public crowd-source through these lapel cams and I assure you we'll find reason to fire every officer on the force.

Anyone who still has the idea cops are out "serving the public" and maintaining "law and order" would have their entire paradigm shifted if they were forced to watch any "average" officer who is on the beat enforcing the state's criminally insane drug laws and the thousands of other useless regulations on the books, the truth is most laws serve as nothing more than tools for the state to more efficiently dominate it's slaves.

As Richard Greco candidly stated, he's only got "one tool" when it comes to "law enforcement" -- to beat people up and take them to jail.
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