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Article posted Jun 07 2013, 12:02 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: YouTube Print

Middletown, CT Police Officer Detains Man for Filming, Says Filming Police Dept. a Crime

Via Youtube:

This is a film of my encounter with the Middletown CT Police Department on June 5th, 2013. In the 10 minutes before this video begins, I was filming police entering and exiting the MPD building, then filming their rear parking lot. All filming was done from on the public sidewalk, and I did not enter the building or the parking lot. This video begins as I was walking back to the front of the building. As I was passing the side entrance, officer Peck exited the building so I started filming him.

Officer Peck illegally detained me without Reasonable Articulable Suspicion that I had committed or would commit a crime, as required by the Constitution (See: Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968)). Officer Peck then lied to me and told me that filming the police department building and parking lot was a crime.

Eventually the officers gave up on detaining me since I was doing nothing wrong. Immediately after this film ended, my brother happened to ride up on his bike, and I started talking to him, telling him what had just happened. After I left, the MPD retaliated against my brother for associating with me, and wrote him a $90 citation for riding his bike on the sidewalk.

The officers that were involved in this illegal detention are:
Officer Peck, Badge #7099
Officer Schreiner, Badge #8666
Officer Maturo, Refused to provide Badge #

I do not know what officers detained my brother as I was not present for that encounter.

To complain about these officers' violation of 4th Amendment rights, please contact the Middletown Police Department:

(860) 638-4000

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Posted: Jun 07 2013, 2:36 PM

75145 You handled it well. Might add another touch: officer, since you can't name the crime you have a reasonable suspicion of, then you can't detain me, and since I am not going to continue conversation, answer any questions, and not interested in anything you say, I'm leaving. You will have to detain me by applying force, which will be illegal if there's no crime you suspect.

Quite likely, this would work; the indication of it was officer's words "can you stay here for me", "can you give an id for me" - usually when they use "for me", it means that this is not what they call "lawful order", but no more than a request (their own free speech), and if you don't comply, they know they can't insist.

Posted: Jun 12 2013, 10:58 AM

99102 This doesn't surprise me at all I am a former Texas police officer and quit after seeing repeated cases were people's rights were violated officers would lie under oath with the D.A. Support that they had probable cause prosecutors told all the time just claim you smelled marijunna and you could search the whole car with out a warrent that judges never doubted police statements I watched as officers did racial profiling and some officers pulled women over for made up violations so they could on the two occasions that I told our internal affairs dept. of my concerns I was told I was making it all up and I was re investigated on a shooting I had already been cleared on 3 years prior after again it was proven a legit ament use of force a I.A.B. sergeant made a point to stop at my precinct at shift change infront of everyone made appoint of saying that he liked me stopping buy and being so informative about fellow officers even after some people that had been abused and my statement confirmed there's as what happened to them the D.A. Wouldn't file charges claiming my honesty was in question I graduated at the top of my class in the academy after five years not a single complaint against me I had two citations and had spent three years in narcotic's with over 67 felony arrests with 98% conviction rate I had just transferred pack to patrol a few months prior and once you are tagged as a I.A.B. snitch your done other dept. won't hire you they afraid you might be honest and get them sued I did believe once that police were not only for enforcement of the law but also protectors of our rights boy was I dumb

Posted: Feb 25 2014, 8:46 AM

192132 Why were you videotaping the police department? The officer is not required to tell you why you're being detained in a terry stop. He could have easily suspected you of terrorism. If I were the police officer you'd have some nice footage of the inside of the department too.
Ps Failure to identify in ct is a crime.

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