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Article posted May 30 2013, 3:09 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: Print

California Police Paying Cellphone Companies to Read Texts Without Warrants, Busting Teenage Cannabis Dealers

In Roseville, California, police are sifting through teenagers texts without warrants, busting cannabis dealers, and giving citations to kids for the smallest things to get their phone numbers on record.
By Cassius Methyl

In Roseville, California, the police are very bored. Instead of investigating thefts, or stopping rape, or crimes with victims, the police are spending most of their time going after teenage cannabis dealers, or issuing citations. Thanks to the constitution molesting Supreme Court, if a person has been arrested, or even given a citation (and the police therefore record the person’s phone number), the police can read the person’s texts, any of them, at will, without a warrant.

The police are reading teenagers’ text messages through their computers, figuring out who is selling cannabis or other drugs, and going after them. High school students are being locked in cages with REAL violent criminals, for selling a plant that has been used for thousands of years as medicine. Teenage cannabis dealers are being sought after by police, seemingly much more then hardcore criminals, and they can’t even send texts about it cannabis because of the Orwellian police surveillance state.

To fund their operations to lock teenage cannabis dealers in cages, the Roseville Police Department regularly issues citations to people at local ‘Woodbridge Park’. They fine people for things as ludicrous as plugging a cellphone charger into a park electrical outlet without a permit, using so called obscene language in a public place, ect. It appears they have completely abandoned the idea that they serve the people, it wasn’t a very believable concept in the first place anyway.

As long as the Police Department are paid and incentivized to go after the easiest victims, give people citations, treat homeless people like animals, and go after people who commit victimless (crimes), it seems the police everywhere will be less then willing to do real work and catch actual criminals. As long as the citizens are fearful, submissive, and complicit, the outrageous and hypocritical practices of police will probably continue.

The Roseville Police, with the principal of local ‘Adelante High School’, periodically hold classes for parents and teenagers who are given citations, that they are required to go to. In these classes, they incite fear and attempt to pound complicity into the kids and parents, from the perspective that they have no rights that aren’t granted to them, and that it benefits he community for the police to be involved heavily in the kids lives. The police warn that they can confiscate electronics, phones, laptops without a permit, keep them for as long as they wish, and retrieve any data they want to prosecute the kids.

They say they can go into the houses of kids on probation at any time of night, and search through all of their belongings. This completely unconstitutional, fascist police state mentality, that the police can invade privacy at any degree they wish to enforce the law, fills this presentation given by police in cooperation with the principal of the local indoctrinating school.

The principal finished the presentation by reminding parents that they have no choice but to keep their kids from being truant, that they must force them at any cost to go to school, and if they don’t, they can be put in jail. So knowing what the Roseville Police are doing, I’d assume there are more United States police departments out there who are giving presentations to instill fear in parents and kids, keeping the public indoctrinating school system held together by fascist stitches of force in the fabric of elitist controlled society.

Now that the elitists and politicians are destroying our constitutional right to privacy among many other rights, we citizens must stand up for our rights and wake the police up to what they are doing, and let it be known that we will not stand for it. These police think that it is their job to force a moral code upon us, and they must know that it is not appreciated, they are not doing the right thing, and that they are following the agenda of psychopaths in government.

The psychopaths who make the laws that these self righteous police enforce, kill children with drone strikes in the Middle East, and commit mass atrocities and war crimes. We must reach out to police as politely as necessary, and urge them to question laws, not follow unconstitutional orders, and to think for themselves.

A police officer who believes in freedom and understands how the world works, is bound to quit being a police officer. The police state is rising, and it is time for everyone to stand up and let the truth be known, reach out to a local cop and give him some information that will wake him/her up, prove that we are living in a tyranny. And I strongly suggest that you watch what you text and say over the phone, it is being recorded, and you may actually be prosecuted for it.
Cassius Methyl is a writer for , a liberty activist in any way possible, and he plays every instrument and vocals for experimental metal / truth movement project core of a virus. Find his music here:

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Posted: May 30 2013, 4:23 PM

687 somebody stand up during one of these brainwashed,myopic meetings and start reciting the constitution and bill of prepared to be bullied[or worse] and arrested by these losers.only worthless,chickenshit,scared people act like most cops.when you are not up to the job then man up speak up or quit.if not you are union bull,only constitution and bill of rights same as everyone in U.S. legally.

Posted: May 30 2013, 7:27 PM

173242 How are the police going to "stop rape", or any other crime for that matter?

Posted: May 31 2013, 1:49 PM

2413 They're not charged with stopping crime any longer. They're charged with protecting the criminal element of government. Any wonder why US police forces are being trained by Israeli companies?

Posted: May 31 2013, 8:40 PM

21640 Solve the "parents go to jail" thing with ease. For those who have children in HS, simply take them, YOU take them, to get their GED. Nearly all HS students can pass the test. Then, you ALLOW your child to continue to go to HS, unless the school becomes unreasonable in anyway. If the school does show its fascist side, simply inform them that you will take your child out of school, as they are now there voluntarily, and send them to junior college for the remaining years - you should do it anyway. Watch the panic, as the loss of revenue will have them killing you with kindness.

As for the tickets. Children are not allowed to contract until they are 18, look it up. So each citation is worth nothing, as the child's signature which is used to validate any contract, actually voids the contract due to age. So, go to court, as the judge if a child is allowed to contract, when he says no, you ask him on what grounds in the citation valid. To improve your chances, make sure your child always signs his/her name: "Under duress, Without Prejudice, joe smith - print lower case.

None of this is legal advice.

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