Bill Maher & Jimmy Kimmel Agree US 'Becoming A Police State'

Chris | InformationLiberation
Apr. 27, 2013

Bill Maher commenting on the police's reaction to the Boston bombings points out how the US is now police state, to which Jimmy Kimmel and another guest agree.

His other two guests, a random politician and a news media propagandist, say it's a "balance" between liberty and security, and even say the police state is what caught the suspects. What caught the suspects was the general public's tips, the police state actually did nothing but threaten innocent people and didn't even prevent the bombing in the first place, which is the supposed goal of having so much "security."

Fact is there is no "balance" between liberty and security, it's either have liberty and a free market in security with real incentives to keep people safe, or have no liberty and a monopolist provider of "security" which not only has little to no incentive to keep people safe, but every incentive not to keep people safe so as to justify larger budgets and greater personal power.

There is no "balance," and Bill is entirely wrong and his astute guest entirely right that there is no need for police at all.
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