Video: Disarmed Chicago Shop Owner Reduced to Using Stick to Fight Off Pistol-Wielding Armed Robbers

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Apr. 11, 2013

A shop owner in the slave-city of Chicago was forced to use a stick to fight off an armed robber with a loaded pistol and his criminal partner. It's extremely difficult to legally get guns in the slave-city of Chicago due to their restrictive gun laws, so the law-abiding are disarmed slaves and the criminals, both public and private, run the town.

A Logan Square shop owner and his family members fought for their lives last night during an armed robbery which was caught on tape.

62-year-old Louis Quizhpe was shot at nine times by a man trying to rob him. He was hit once in the right inner thigh, the bullet barely missing an artery.

Two African American men came into Louisí souvenir shop in the 2200 block of N Western Ave looking for cash. One of the men pulled a gun on his Louisís nephew while the other walked behind the counter to get to the register.

The gunman fired at Louis but shot his accomplice accidentally in the upper body.

Louis grabbed a bat and started swinging as the gunman continued to fire.

Louis hit the gun wielding robber several times in the upper body and the head. His brother-in-law threw a stool and then a fire extinguisher at the suspects.
Watch the video:

While the man's actions were epic and astonishing to watch, it's an absolute joke that the government has forced people into the situation where they have to defend themselves from armed robbers with sticks. If the man had a gun he could have shot the criminal and defended himself competently rather than have to jump around like Neo in the matrix and dodge bullets.

Contrast this video with this one from last week out of Arizona, a state where anyone can carry a concealed gun without a permit. An armed criminal hits up three stores and robs them all, yet every spot he hits the owner is armed (yet lets him flee), the robber is finally stopped on his third hit by two armed citizens who pulled their guns on him after he left the store.

The contrast is night and day. The fact of the matter is gun prohibition disarms the law-abiding and ensures only criminals (both state-sanctioned and private) have guns. End gun prohibition immediately.
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