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Article posted Apr 10 2013, 3:14 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: Print

Police Kill Texas Woman Fleeing Drug Warrants

by Phillip Smith

A police officer in the suburban Dallas community of Richardson, Texas, shot and killed a woman with outstanding drug arrest warrants as she fled from an attempted traffic stop Monday morning. Emily Krumrei, 32, becomes the 9th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

Emily Josephine Krumrei (Smith County SO)According to the Dallas Morning News, citing Richardson police spokesperson Sgt. Kevin Perlich, an officer "was attempting to get a violator to pull over in a parking lot" for reasons that are yet unclear, but Krumrei fled in her Lexus. Shortly thereafter, an officer in a squad car saw her and attempted to stop her, but she refused to pull over.

Krumrei turned onto the southbound frontage road to the North Central Expressway. There, Perlich said, "a third officer near the frontage road was working a traffic accident. He stepped out into the road and tried to get her to stop." But instead, Perlich said, Krumrei accelerated and clipped the officer. "The officer, in fear for his life, fired upon the vehicle," Perlich said.

The Dallas NBC affiliate had a slightly, but significantly, different chronology of the shooting. According to NBC, the officer "fired at least one shot at the woman before being struck by the car."

In either case, the officer was not seriously injured or hospitalized.

Krumrei was taken to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Perlich said an investigation into her death was ongoing, but "it's possible she wasn't stopping because she had several outstanding warrants for her arrests."

The Morning News reported that records show Krumrei had been indicted in Dallas County in April for possessing between one and four grams of cocaine, and that she also had outstanding felony drug warrants from Smith County, a hundred miles to the east.

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Posted: Apr 10 2013, 10:04 AM

687 I believe the nomber 9 is more like 9,000.but who am I?

Posted: Apr 10 2013, 10:08 AM

687 you can't kill yourself with drugs.let us do it.we will set up a situation and do it for you.

Posted: Apr 10 2013, 12:46 PM

7461 Asshole cop jumps in front of a car that is being chased knowing she running from the law, same asshole cop thinks she will stop if he stands in front of a speeding car, he shoots and kills driver. As for fearing for his life, that is the lamest excuse that he could use. He's the idiot that jumped in front of the car in the first place.

Posted: Apr 10 2013, 1:17 PM

166147 I am soooo' sick of hearing about these "whinning" cops saying , I WAS IN FEAR FOR MY LIFE !! If they are that "scared" why don't they get another job , working Walmart chasing shotlifters, something "safe" for them !
I know we need the police , but i'm just sick of hearing that excuse to commit murder. I'm I the only one that can see this ?
I know one thing for a fact , If me a citizen had a [ license to carry ] and someone just "touched" or bump me in a parking lot and as they drove past me and I shot them in the back of the head, I would be spending the rest of my natural life in Prison !

Posted: Apr 10 2013, 2:20 PM

20934 Cops know to run toward a fleeing car and bump it with their hip. This creates the legal justification for civilian execution.

Posted: Apr 10 2013, 7:07 PM

17454 9th person to die in drug law enforcement? Sorry but this was a traffic violation with the driver trying to elude the police. I'll bet you a milion bucks she was no where near hitting the cop. My money says he decided to play hero and got out of his car and tried to stop her by standing in the traffic lane. Hopefully someone got the video of the truth since cops only know how to lie.

Posted: Apr 12 2013, 12:50 AM

21619 If a car is coming at you so fast that you don't have time to jump out of the way, shooting the driver will not stop the car. Only cops get away with shooting people in the back in "self-defense."

Posted: Apr 12 2013, 7:27 PM

173242 166147: Ever notice how in the media anyone who shoots a cop is a "bad guy" but a cop who shoots someone is made out to be a hero? And, of course, there is never any justification for shooting a cop while a cop who shoots someone is almost always "justified". We can't shoot them, but they can shoot us.

Posted: Apr 12 2013, 9:21 PM

17035 This is murder, pure and simple....

Posted: Apr 12 2013, 10:52 PM

98201 chickenshit police... when the SHTF the fun will begin, these guys will be picked off like fish in a barrel.

Posted: Apr 14 2013, 8:06 AM

186144 I don't blame this woman because there is no way to trust the police in the U.S. I myself wouldn't trust the American cops, they are animals, they are evil, ugly fat and ignorant, so who would blame a woman for not stopping, even if she stopped they would have kill her any way, this is the way it works in the Fascist Republic of the United States. I am happy I left that country a long time ago and I don't have to fear for my life.

Posted: Apr 14 2013, 8:38 AM

6966 The hiring process for leoz is clearly culling out the potential quality officers and bringing in the bully low iq power trippers. If that issue is address there would be a cultural shift.

Posted: Apr 14 2013, 10:35 AM

123108 I hope you ladies have fun living in (or in this case rather, DYING in) the police state which you DEMANDED and helped created.

Posted: Apr 14 2013, 10:35 AM


Posted: Apr 14 2013, 10:37 AM

2452 These cops are soulless c@nts operating as instructed inside the c@ntdom matrix. May they reap well - and enjoy.

Posted: Apr 14 2013, 10:51 AM

71255 Her only crime was being addicted to CIA cocaine
Dr. Radiation

Posted: Apr 14 2013, 11:01 AM

204194 And to think: there are---and always will be---liberal idiots who insist that the cops (and the Government, of course) are the ONLY people who should have guns, because we ordinary citizens be just tooooo styoooooopid to use firearms responsibly.

Riddle me this, liberal idiots: Where do you think pi---ahem---cops are recruited from?

Answer: The same population pool you elitist morons say can't be trusted with guns in the first place.

I say unto you, my more sensible brothers and sisters: We need, seriously, to DISARM THE COPS. Leave them a billy-club and some pepper spray, but that's all. Then let's see how well their bully mentality does manifesting itself when their ability to commit on-the-spot murder is no longer available....

Posted: Apr 14 2013, 11:25 AM

24243 How was he in fear of his life if the car was traveling away from him afterwords?

Posted: Apr 14 2013, 1:25 PM

24223 The PIGS are out of control!! We American citizens must and will put them back in their intended place. From now on, whenever an out of control PIG makes you fear for your life, TAKE HIM OUT!!!! We have the LEGAL RIGHT to use deadly force to protect our lives from these steroid-headed, insane cops! Lets take this country back!!!

Posted: Apr 14 2013, 2:59 PM

76105 Perhaps her car malfunctioned? bunch of trigger happy moronic idiots. You follow too many stupid orders and the people will let you know in a personal way ...which is not good for any of us because we all need legitimate law enforcement services that relies on the peoples confidence in those officeers. .

This is a matter of policy and perhaps a bad cop. But don't be too hard on the pig that murdered this poor girl "in fear for his life" . They're just doing the Policy (remember they are policy officers, statutory law, rented by your local municipality, not real elected Sheriff Law enforecement). And now we've brought back many injured vets, trained killers with latent problems, on anti depression drugs to carry guns around us (they are not there to protect you and me and have no legal obligation to do so,just ask any one of them) . Houston we have a problem...but the solution starts at the top where ppolicy is made, or many people on all sides get hurt at the bottom.
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