Obama promised to close Guantanamo. Instead, he's made it worse

Murtaza Hussain
Mar. 07, 2013

In his letters, Guantanamo Bay prisoner Shaker Aamer appeals in desperation to his captors and the outside world:
"Please ... torture me in the old way. Here they destroy people mentally and physically without leaving marks."
The 44-year-old British resident and father of four has spent over 11 years incarcerated at Guantanamo despite being cleared for release as early as 2007. To this day never charged with a crime, Aamer is just one of hundreds of detainees who remain imprisoned in Guantanamo. Despite running on an explicit campaign promise to shut down the island prison which has become a symbol of the abuses of the "war on terror", President Obama has continued to preside over its operation.

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