Cops Down Under Smash Mardi Gras Party-Goer's Face Into Pavement, Order Man To Stop Filming

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Mar. 06, 2013

Three updates to this case, first a second video was released showing Jamie Jackson swing at one of the police officers who had him pinned on the ground, the police regain control of him immediately without incident, the video is oddly only 27 seconds and cuts off before showing the polices' entirely disproportionate beatings. From this first man's story, it seemed the worse of the beatings was the first which he did not catch on film, this second video was allegedly before either beating, yet the video oddly cuts out before showing either, it's edited just right to make the cops look good. This video needs to be released in it's entirety, not selectively some edited sample.

Second, the police chief has admitted the videographer had ever right to film the police and the police were entirely wrong in ordering him to stop filming. He also said there's not going to be an independent investigation into the incident.

Third, an interview with Jamie Jackson has been released, he said he was "being a bit silly" and he said he "tickled" a girl, and she allegedly brushed him off, the police approached him because they thought he assaulted her and it all escalated from there. It sounds like he was being a drunk idiot, but that doesn't justify the beatings, nor the police trying to stop a witness from filming. - Chris

No matter where you are in the world, the police are thugs.


Because their "job" is "law enforcement," all the stupid scribbles of ink on pieces of parchment idiot politicians create are completely meaningless absent some violent thug being willing to violently force commoners into compliance. Sure, if our laws were "just" and the only crimes were actual crimes, namely property crimes, not vice crimes, but actual crimes with actual victims, police genuinely acting in defense of persons and property could theoretically use violence to enforce the law, but in modern day democracies with hundreds of thousands of idiotic laws and almost a million regulations on the books, enforcing "the law" means violently enforcing the will of the political parties in power (and the interests they represent).

In this video out of Australia, Australian police officer "Fairfield Lac 226" violently smashes a party-goers face into the ground surrounded by people filming, all while women are literally crying begging the officer to stop abusing the young man.

According to the press photographer who filmed the event, before the video began the cop had already "grabbed him by the back of the neck and slammed his head into the stone pavement, as he tried to get up he was then punched multiple times in the head, leaving blood all over the pavement."

I guess one beating wasn't enough to satisfy the cop's powerlust.

All the while during this vicious assault, the cop's fellow officers are bossing around the videographer ordering him to stop filming, despite it being within his legal right to do so. Of course, while they are "law enforcers," they don't have to follow the laws themselves, they're above the law as today's "laws" are meant only for the ruled, not the rulers.

A protest is being organized over the incident and the video has already gone viral on the people's court of Youtube garnering almost 300,000 views within 24 hours, hopefully justice will be somewhat served as a result.

Here's the backstory from the press photographer who posted the video on Youtube:
Sydney Mardi Gras 2013 between 11- 11:30pm
Pavement just off Oxford St, Corner of Riley and Burton Street
Assaulting officer - FAIRFIELD LAC 266


I was a press photographer for the parade, walking along the backstreets shortly after it had concluded between 11pm and 11:30pm, we heard a man screaming for repeatedly for help.

Walking over we saw him being restrained by two police officers with another 4 in close proximity, he was repeatedly asking them "What have I done wrong?" which they would not respond, all they would say was "you are under arrest".

He calling for people walking past to help him and with a large crowd of people began to surround the event.

He was struggling and resisting but not aggressively.

The officers told him to stop resisting to which he would reply "why are you doing this I haven't done anything?."

The officer "FAIRFIELD LAC 266" then grabbed him by the back of the neck and slammed his head into the stone pavement, as he tried to get up he was then punched multiple times in the head, leaving blood all over the pavement. The crowd of people overlooking screaming at the officer to stop.

After seeing that I began filming.


What I found most shocking about this event is that the other officers seem to be aware that the amount of force they are using was completely unmerited and excessive.

So they hastily try to force me to stop filming.

As a press photographer I knew I was completely within my rights to film police officers in a public space, doing nothing wrong and breaking no laws, so I refused.

You will notice I ask multiple times why I am not allowed to film and what laws am I breaking and receive no response.

There were at least 6 officers in the immediate vicinity, the victim was only small and could have easily been restrained by the officers without injury.

Instead they choice to force him into submission by repeatedly punching him and throwing him into the pavement.

You'll also hear him asking over and over what he has done wrong to which he doesn't get a response.
Cheers to the videographer for asserting his rights and not backing down.
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