"You're a F***ING Coward!" - Man Tells Off Cop Like You've Never Seen

Chris | InformationLiberation
Mar. 04, 2013

[Updated with better video, see angle one here.]
As far as police confrontation videos go, this one is a ten... Actually, it's an eleven.

Antonio Buehler of the Peaceful Streets Project made headlines a year ago after he was harassed by police for photographing them violently arresting a woman. The cops arrested him and charged him with resisting arrest and "felony harassment on a public servant", a "crime" punishable by up to 10 years in prison, allegedly because he spit on an officer who was arresting him. A witness fortunately caught video of the event, and it showed the officer was the aggressor in the situation, additionally it didn't appear to show any spitting took place, a witness even came forward and said "at no point did he spit at the officer or make any sort of aggressive or inciting gesture towards [the officer]."

In this video released just yesterday, Buehler lets loose on an Austin, Texas police officer who detained him for cop watching. The cop clearly knows who Buehler is, yet to harass him the cop insists on detaining him in the name of "officer safety."

During the confrontation, Buehler asks the cop if "officer safety" is more important to him than the rights of the people.

"Absolutely," the cop responds.

"Me going home every night..."

Buehler interrupts, "You coward!"

"You coward!"

"You took an oath to defend the constitution!"

"Right, so did you," the cop responds, perhaps referencing the fact Buehler is a veteran.

"I don't infringe upon other peoples' constitution rights! You're infringing upon my rights right now, I've not committed a crime!"

"You are right now abusing your authority, you guys are thugs! You killed someone yesterday!"

Buehler was likely referencing the Austin police's killing of 70-yr-old John Schaefer, despite being a legal gun owner, when police arrived at his house and tried to disarm him in the name of "officer safety," an Austin police officer shot and killed the elderly gentleman when he allegedly resisted.

Rather than quietly submit to the armed thug in uniform, Buehler boldly stands up for himself and defends his rights, it's an epic confrontation and stirring to watch. A black man who witnessed his epic rebuking was in complete shock after hearing the way he talked to the cop, he approaches Antonio afterwards and asks him "how the f*** you talk like that to them god damn laws like that!?"

You'll no doubt find yourself thinking the same thing if you watch the video, but Antonio knows his rights and knows cursing a police officer is within the law. That's why the cop eventually lets him go after trying, but failing, to find any crimes to charge him with out of the old "felony grab bag."
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