Glenn Beck: Principled Libertarians are "Nazis" and "Facists"

Chris | InformationLiberation
Mar. 01, 2013

Glenn Beck sings the virtues of compromise and says you're a 'fascist' if you want him to apologize for his past transgressions attacking libertarians (for example, calling them terrorists). He then goes on to say libertarians who insist on having principles are "Nazis" and "Fascists."
“This guy [some alleged famous libertarian] wrote, and said if Glenn Beck wants to join our club — meaning Libertarianism — then he has to come and atone for his past transgressions, and I thought, ‘Is that you grand inquisitor?’ What is this, the Spanish Inquisition? You’re more Fascist than some of the Fascists that I’ve seen. And the same thing with many of the hard core Ron Paul supporters.”
“You Libertarians, you’re Nazis! The fascist Libertarians — you have to agree with absolutely everything! You are more fascist than anybody in the Republican Party because you are — if you don’t walk in step exactly with you, you’re not welcome.”
In other words, you're a fascist if you don't agree with him and his version of all-compromise conservatism masquerading as libertarianism. He finishes his screed by saying "we" can win the White House if we all support Rand Paul or Chris Christie and compromise on everything which makes us libertarian.
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