Philly Cop Who Punched Woman in Face Found Not Guilty -- 'He Was Trying to Knock a Beer Out of Her Hand'

Chris | InformationLiberation
Feb. 27, 2013

Despite being caught on video violently punching a small woman in the face, police officer Jonathan Josey was found not guilty by Philadelphia Municipal Judge Patrick Dugan in a nonjury trial after telling the judge he didn't mean to punch the woman in the face, we was only trying to knock a beer out of her hand.

The AP reports:
At a one-day, nonjury trial before Dugan earlier this month, Josey testified he thought Guzman had thrown beer on him. He said he told her to put down the bottle and then swung in an attempt to knock it from her hand. Guzman has said she didn't throw any liquid, but she did shoot aerosol string into the crowd.

An attorney for Guzman, Enrique Latoison, said he and his client were shocked by the ruling. "She feels like she got beat on again," Latoison said, adding that Josey's actions after hitting Guzman were not those of someone who did something by accident.

"His actions after the punch were shoving her in the back ... (and) immediately putting handcuffs on her like she's some sort of danger," Latoison said. He said he plans to file a civil lawsuit.
The ruling is absolutely laughable, but it goes to show just how criminal the criminals who run our "criminal justice system" truly are. The video was viewed over 1.5 million times, anyone watching it can see clearly it was a disturbingly violent unprovoked assault, the cop did not act shocked as though he hit her "mistakenly," after decking her in the face he shoved his knee into her back and violently arrested her like her lawyer described, yet the judge sided with his fellow ruling class member and found him not guilty despite his excuse being comically laughable!
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