Penelope Soto Forced to Prostrate Herself Before Judge, Beg For Mercy

Chris | InformationLiberation
Feb. 09, 2013

"Do you understand I have power, slave? Do you understand I can ruin your life, slave? Do you understand I rule you and can do anything I like to you, slave? Beg for my mercy, worship at my feet, tell me I rule you."

Judge Rodriguez-Chomat again chastises a small girl to show his dominance over her, his words being only slightly tempered from those I wrote above.

After making it fully clear he has the power to destroy her life based off mere whim, Judge Rodriguez-Chomat went on a monologue claiming "we" now live in a society where "police officers, in particular, are abused on a daily basis, mostly by young people who think it's OK to call policemen all kind of names."

This is more evidence this man is completely delusional, the police in Miami, in particular, are some of the most criminal and abusive police in the entire nation. Florida Highway Patrol trooper Donna "Jane" Watts found this out the hard way when she tried to hold a speeding Miami cop accountable for recklessly careening down a highway at over 120MPH, she says she now lives in constant "fear for her life" because she's afraid these upstanding citizens who have been caught spying on her illegally might kill her. Florida Highway Patrol troopers even found one of their cars smeared with feces in what they believe may have been a retaliatory action taken by Miami police officers over the incident. Meanwhile, the criminal Miami cop who was found to be a serial speeder was only given 100 hours community service.

Penelope sufficiently prostrated herself before her abuser and "kissed the ring," so Judge Rodriguez-Chomat agreed not to send her to jail for 30 days as his power lust had been temporarily satisfied, nonetheless he will force her to go through a "drug court program" for taking drugs which tons of people take legally after being prescribed them by state-sanctioned drug dealers. Her only crime was not getting the drugs prescribed to her by a government-approved psychiatrist who gives the stuff away like candy, in that case she could dope herself up to her heart's content and it would be considered perfectly healthy.

Justice not served.
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