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Analysis posted Feb 08 2013, 3:57 AM Category: Politics/Corruption Source: InformationLiberation Print

Judge Rodriguez-Chomat, Jailer Of Teen Penelope Soto, Has History Of Violence, Second Lowest Approval Rating Among Local Attorneys

Chris | InformationLiberation

Judge Rodriguez-Chomat, the judge who sentenced teenager Penelope Soto to 30 days in jail to show his dominance over a small little girl has a history of despicable behavior. In his previous "job" as a republican politician in Tallahassee, he violently assaulted a fellow party member by physically grabbing him and wrestling with him over an argument on school vouchers, he had to be pried apart from the victim by security guards and fellow legislators who intervened to stop his violent assault. Additionally, the judge reportedly has the second lowest approval rating out of 99 judges according to local attorneys, with 46 percent saying he is unqualified to sit on the bench.

The Miami Herald has the dirt:
Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat, who made national news by sending a disrespectful young woman to the slammer for a month this week, was not always all that respectful himself.

The judge, a former Miami state representative, once duked it out with a fellow representative on the floor of the state House in Tallahassee.

It was democracy — doled out with an iron hand and caught on videotape.

The well-publicized fight occurred during a debate about school vouchers in the 1998 session.

Republican Rodriguez-Chomat fast-walked toward fellow lawmaker Carlos Valdes, also from Miami, and grabbed him by the tie. Then he yanked and pulled.

The scene turned into a free-for-all between the two as they grappled like wrestlers trying to get the upper hand.

House members and security guards rushed to the floor and separated them before blood was spilled.

Valdes, now a real-estate agent, wouldn’t comment about the fracas. Neither did he want to say anything about Rodriguez-Chomat’s national headlines-grabbing encounter with Penelope Soto, 18, who flipped off Rodriguez-Chomat as he held her in contempt.

“Enough has been said about both incidents,” Valdes said.

But in interviews at the time of the incident, Valdes accused Rodriguez-Chomat of calling him a “jackass.”

Imagine the sentence Judge Rodriguez-Chomat would mete out to someone who’d done that.

Rodriguez-Chomat’s approval ratings among attorneys, according to numbers collected by the Dade Country Bar Association in 2010, were the second-lowest among 99 judges. Forty-six percent of area lawyers polled said they think he is unqualified for the bench.

Rodriguez-Chomat does not comment about cases before him.
This man is not a hero, he is a despicable cretin who not only should not be sentencing small girls to jail to satisfy his power lust, but should be in jail himself for depriving innocent people of their life, liberty, and property. This man's actions were that of a despicable petty tyrant, shame on anyone who is taking this cretin's side.

Update: Apparently, the legislator he was arguing with was also in the right, he pointed out Rodriguez-Chomat was a hypocrite by advocating against school vouchers while simultaneously sending his own children to private school, that harsh truth apparently triggered Rodriguez-Chomat to fly into a violent rage. It's hard to believe this man was made a judge in spite of his violent history.
Chris runs the website, you can read more of his writings here. Follow infolib on twitter here.

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Posted: Feb 08 2013, 8:04 AM

173254 The judge was in the wrong, no question about it!

Posted: Feb 08 2013, 11:43 AM

18879 you're a dumbass... "small little girl"?? She was 18, making her an adult... she acted like a disrespectful bitch and got what she deserved. Who cares what the judge did in the past, the issue is the one at hand not one from 15 years ago. She thinks the law is a joke, she treated a man we have chosen to judge offenders, in order to protect us, with complete disrespect. If you watch her at the next hearing she left her cunt-attitude at home. Perhaps if more parents and authority figures acted this way the USA wouldn't be such a hellhole.

"...depriving innocent people of their life, liberty, and property"

Absolutely ridiculous comment, that is what the law does... penalizes those who break it by taking away those things!

Posted: Feb 08 2013, 1:45 PM

70199 18879, eat a dick

Posted: Feb 08 2013, 2:20 PM

136200 i dont think i would have been so smug with the judge at 18 years old. She obviously failed to recognize how an ill tempered man can exercise his dominion to promote the misery of others if provoked. unfortunately its embarassing for the judicial system and government in general.

Posted: Feb 08 2013, 2:21 PM

17444 18879 move to jew commie isra-hell

Posted: Feb 08 2013, 3:42 PM

18879 why should i eat a dick? what is jew commie isra-hell exactly?

you think this bitch is in the right?? and the fact this old man fucked up 15 years ago makes everything he does from now on wrong?

Posted: Feb 08 2013, 10:46 PM

68118 Penelope Soto, Fla. teen who flipped off judge, apologizes and avoids 30-day sentence-CBS News

Posted: Feb 11 2013, 12:21 AM

6856 I think he was very restrained, I would have slapped that bitch up side her head. I think she need to be gang raped by some of the brothers to give her some respect. LMAO

Posted: Feb 12 2013, 5:54 AM

92202 "she acted like a disrespectful bitch and got what she deserved. Who cares what the judge did in the past, the issue is the one at hand not one from 15 years ago. "
You're completely right; it doesn't matter what was 15 years ago. This ruling was an obscene piece of jackassery all on its own.

Jail for "disrespect"? A fucking no-go, not if you have any idea what justice is. If it turns you on to see "disrespectful bitches" subdued and in jail, that's of course a whole different issue!

"she treated a man we have chosen to judge offenders, in order to protect us,"
You're dripping too much of mindless power worship, pal.
He's there to do a responsible job, and not get his ass kissed for being a hero. And by jailing people for insults... against him, he's stopped protecting people and started protecting his own privileged feelings.

Society isn't protected one bit by jailing sassy kids in courts. Neither are the courts, because her action wasn't disruptive in the least.

"Perhaps if more parents and authority figures acted this way the USA wouldn't be such a hellhole."
No, actually what it would be is MORE of a hell hole with powerful, privileged people running even more rampant than they are now, getting their way and protecting their precious little feelings at the cost of those they have power over.

Yes, better for the powerful who can get off at the long reach - not so much for the others, on whose side JUSTICE would be in this case.

What, the USA is a hellhole because of sassy kids? You paranoid tool.

"I would have slapped that bitch up side her head."
This just goes on to prove how closely legal / corporate oppression is related to violent thuggery.

"I think she need to be gang raped by some of the brothers to give her some respect."
Ah, so let the misogynistic sick fuck educate us about principles of respect and honor, huh?
You've got all the righteousness and insight to live up to this task, and the dripping cum all over your monitor to prove it.

You'd get problems with the law for the "slapping", and several years in prison for the "gang rape". Bonus if you do that as a JUDGE.

Congratulations on missing the point entirely.

Posted: Feb 17 2013, 7:29 PM

17444 92202 is a Soviet Jew.

Posted: Feb 17 2013, 7:48 PM

17444 92202 Congratulations on missing the point,most of our judicial system is an unelected body. The system is broken this criminals in robes run the show and they are above the law. Penelope is hot you so are not.

Posted: Feb 28 2013, 5:42 PM

217123 A judge acting this randomly should be discharged immediately.

Posted: Mar 19 2013, 6:22 PM

24100 Do some rechurch on this moron of a judge. first he was born in cuba. now this is just my opionion here but if a person was born anyplace but the USA, they have no fucking business being in any posision where they could be in a posision over Americans. he is a hot head. he needs to be disbared and deported back to that shit hole sewer. he would be much more at home in cuba sitting in castro's courts.

Posted: Jun 27 2013, 10:30 PM

50138 24100 -- really? A moron of a judge huh? Can you even spell? Posision? What is that word? Did you mean POSITION? What is rechurch? Did you mean RESEARCH? Opionion? Do you mean OPINION? News to you, but 75 percent of the Judges that sit on the bench in Miami-Dade currently were born in other places besides the United States. At least 50 percent of them were born in Cuba. Two of the ten FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT OF APPEALS JUDGES were born in Cuba. Know your role and shut your mouth before you make our eyes bleed with your inability to spell simple words that a second grader could spell. I just love clowns like you who think you have a clue. Have a good.
Comments 1 - 14 of 14 Page 1 of 1

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