Woman Gives Judge Middle Finger, Gets 30-Day Sentence for Contempt

NBC 6 South Florida
Feb. 06, 2013

It's not enough to be ruled by them, you have to lick their boots and "respect" them while they work to ruin your life. Despicable petty tyrant. - Chris
A woman facing a drug possession charge got a harsh lesson in justice after a Miami-Dade judge sentenced her to 30 days in jail for flipping him the bird at a hearing Monday.

Penelope Soto, 18, was arrested for possession of Xanax and was brought before Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat Monday, where she was asked about her assets.

Soto, who was sporting orange jail clothes and smiled and stroked her hair through the proceeding, laughed when she was asked how much her jewelry was worth.

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