Canadian Officer Seen Punching Man in Head on Video; Faces Charges for Assault & Fabricating Evidence

Toronto Sun
Jan. 29, 2013

BARRIE - A Barrie police officer was captured on video delivering repeated blows to a manís head as he lay pinned facedown on the ground with his arms behind his back ó all because of a broken Christmas ornament.

The troubling video, which was played in court on Wednesday, shows Const. Jason Nevill speaking to the man and then suddenly beating him to the ground.

Nevill is now on trial, charged with assault causing bodily harm, fabricating the evidence against the victim and obstruction of justice.

[...]ďI didnít know why I was being beaten ó I kept pleading with him, ĎStop, stop, Iím a good person,íĒ said Stern on the witness stand, dressed in a suit and tie. ďThen I blacked out.Ē

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