Charlotte Cop Kills Dog, Nearly Shoots Pregnant Woman

Chris | InformationLiberation
Dec. 20, 2012

Here is her story as posted to Facebook:
Last night around 9:40 an officer came to respond to a 911 call at my house... I was outside and opened the door and my 2 Pit Bulls came outside… They did not bark, growl, charge at the officer or show any sign of aggression towards him... The officer yelled at me to grab my dog... I am 7 months pregnant… I bent down in time to grab him from the hips but it was to late the officer had already fired a shot that grazed my female pit bull on her lip and hit my other dog at the neck... He instantly went down, Not to mention that the officer could have shot me too while I was holding my dog. This all happened at my property, two steps away from my door. My husband ran outside and started yelling at the cop and asked him why he shot my dog and the officer said it was because “HE WAS A PIT BULL”... At this point I was on the ground holding Chino and telling him to cross over the rainbow bridge... My husband was running around the neighborhood looking for our injured pit bill... Once chino passed I started to tell the officers to please not to shoot my other dog that was able to get away from the officer.

I also have to mention that after some time I was put in an ambulance because I was hyperventilating and the medics said that my blood pressure was elevated due to the situation, I also feared that anything would happen to my unborn baby. They asked to take me to the hospital but I refused to leave my dogs side, especially because one was still missing and was scared that the officers might shot her again. My husband was able to find my injured dog and had to take her to the emergency vet and got some stitches on her lip.

The officer who took the shots disappeared after a while and I also have to say that the officers didn’t seem to show any concern or remorse about what they did, first there were like 10 police cars but after a short time they were leaving and only 4 or 5 officers stayed back, and it didn’t seem like a crime scene anymore because they were gathered around in a circle laughing and smiling. I don’t know if they were making fun of my husband because he was running around the neighborhood looking for my injured dog. They were also rude to my husband telling him that they were going to arrest him because he was being agitated because he couldn’t find our other dog and because now I was sitting in an ambulance fearing that something could happen to me or our unborn child. One officer even pushed my husband because he stepped over the crime scene yellow tape. They told him more than one time that they were going to arrest him but luckily my husband was able to avoid it. My husband has spent 8 years in the Marine Corps and has and idea how cops will find a reason to make an arrest.

I'm still in shock and not emotionally right after seeing my baby being shot and killed in front of me. My husband is not in his best mental state either and is doing whatever possible to find someone who can help us bring justice to our dogs. We ended up with veterinarian bills to get my other Pit Bull stitches and might have to take her back tomorrow because it’s almost been 24 hours since the shooting and she won’t eat or drink any water. I also had to miss work today because I’m not emotionally stable to function at work and I might not be able to be working tomorrow either. I also have to see my doctor to make sure that everything is fine with me and my unborn baby, because I have been felling a pressure on my stomach and haven’t been able to eat or sleep.

Today we have been calling lawyer offices and went to the police station trying to file a report directly on the officer and they said the statements we made yesterday would be sufficient and they couldn't give us a copy... They will not let us file a report against the officer who shot my two dogs. We tried going to the Sheriff’s office and they said they couldn’t help us either.
This is another perfect example of someone learning the hard way why you should never call the police.

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