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Article posted Nov 29 2012, 1:34 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: William Grigg Print

End the Pretense that Government Schools and Prisons Are Different

by William Grigg

It's for your own good, kids: The "Isolation Box" at Longview, Washingon's Mint Valley Elementary School.

Warrantless "drug sweeps" in government-run schools have become routine in recent years. So have "lock-down" drills in which SWAT teams conduct training exercises involving hostage or terrorism scenarios. In some lock-down drills, students inmates have been kept in the dark about the fact that the incident is a training exercise, rather than a genuine crisis.

Vista Grande High School in Casa Grande, Arizona, held a lock-down drug sweep on October 31. Students Inmates were confined to their classrooms, then led in small groups to another room where they were forced to line up against a wall and be searched with the help of drug-sniffing dogs. This exercise introduced a new element: Among the four law enforcement agencies involved in the search was a group of prison guards employed by the Corrections Corporation of America, the nation's largest for-profit prison contractor.

Notes Caroline Isaacs of the Tucson office of the American Friends Service Committee: "To invite for-profit prison guards to conduct law enforcement actions in a high school is perhaps the most direct expression of the `schools-to-prison pipeline' I've ever seen."

Isaacs obviously isn't familiar with Mint Elementary School in Longview, Washington, which has a solitary confinement facility called the "Isolation Box." This is a closet-sized padded cell that is all but indistinguishable from "sweatboxes" used in many prisons.

The school hosts a program for disabled students inmates with "behavioral issues" -- an infinitely expandable category that can include any child who is not entirely docile. The school district insists that the Isolation Box is used for therapeutic purposes, and that troubled children can be locked inside only with parental permission.

Ana Bate, who posted a photo of the Box on her Facebook page, sensibly commented that the impact of this punitive measure would be anything but therapeutic.

"If [school officials] are being paid to lock people up, [they should] get extra education and work in mental health or psychiatric units, not with children that have minds that need to be explored, need to be expanded, that need to feel safe," Bate commented.

Clearly, the similarities between government-run schools and prisons are not limited to architecture -- and the differences separating them are increasingly difficult to identify.

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Posted: Nov 30 2012, 3:34 PM

75145 While this is all probably true and important, I wonder whether this trend is reactive to the changing demeanor of the students themselves. Could it be that the schools more and more resembling prisons is only the reaction to the fact that the students more and more act like criminals? With the changes in demographics, with the influx of the children of illegal Mexican immigrants, who are not interested in the education, the school system can't stay unchanged. And before you call me racist, consider this:

"These are some of the signs, many of them identified at a recent
conference1 on the subject, of what has been termed the immigrant paradox:

Success in the education system declines from the first to the third generation, although knowledge of English rises sharply over the generations.
Violence and drug abuse rises among later generations.
Risky sexual behavior increases from the first to the third generation. "
The trends noted above play out differently with different immigration flows; they are decidedly the case with Latin American immigration, the largest of the immigrant streams, but do not hold, generally, with the smaller flow of Asian immigrants, or the even smaller group of migrants from Europe."

So before blaming the schools changing to prisons, maybe it makes sense to look at the core reasons of those changes.
NetRanger - NLI

Posted: Dec 01 2012, 7:23 PM

50104 Hey 75145,

What you're asking is: Which came first, the chicken on the egg?

I think PEOPLE (not just children) act more and more like criminals because government schools treat them like they expect them ALL to be criminals.

My son was bullied for YEARS. I held him back. I told him, "We try the peaceful way first." We complained. Multiple times!!! After the third of fourth time, I told the principal, "Make it stop or my son will!"

They didn't. I told my son, "We've tried the peaceful method. Try not to break any bones, OK?" A year of Taekwondo taught him a thing or two. A couple kids attempted to knock him around a bit. He promptly beat their asses. The janitor WITNESSED THE WHOLE THING. Guess who got in trouble with the rest of them? Yep. The bullied. My son. They treat people that defend themselves like criminals. This is why the bullying continues.

Treating victims like criminals is the best way to create criminals because the ones doing the damage see they get anyone that defends themselves in trouble. Then, the bullied sees, also, that there is no way out (especially if they don't have supportive parents, such as yours truly). I got him dismissed from detention but they didn't like it.

The bullies have nothing to lose and the bullied have everything to lose. ...all sactioned by the school.

Its a prison environment. But, with a supportive parent, you can turn it around. Now, my son is like an advocate. The bullied runs to him. He's beat the asses of several bullies, and served detention for it. In school you can ONLY defend yourself. Defend someone else and the rules are clear: suffer punishment. But now, instead of shame, the students all High Five him. They've been all over me for being a bad parent, encouraging the behaviour. I wonder if Robin Hood's parents were proud of him? I ask them often if they would rather their kids be in school with my son or in some school with the bullies. They won't answer. They don't have to.

The reason so many kids commit suicide it simply this: They are oppressed and they can't fight back because then not only are the bullies against them, but the school administration is too. We need more kids like my son, willing the flip the finger at the oppression machine and do his own thing.

... and man, oh, man do they hate it!

He makes the old man REALLY proud of him. He makes straight As and knows that detention means nothing. He just does his homework.

So, thats one way to fight the prison environment. Anyone else have any similar stories?

Posted: Dec 02 2012, 9:31 AM

687 respect.people demand it!because they don,t know how to command it.

Posted: Dec 02 2012, 9:31 AM

69209 Probably another way is to be heard. Who are those "they" who run the school, the district, etc? In the end they are elected officials. So when it's time for reelection, go and tell them that it's not tolerated. Because, make no mistake, there is another part of the population, which does go to these meetings, which does write the letters demanding more "tough on crime" and "zero tolerance", and accordingly which is being heard. If there's no opposition, the authorities have no reason not to react on _that_ part of their electorate. Become active. Start facebook page, recruit other parents who share your view. Name the names and show the faces, and you won't believe how fast they will run for cover. But also be prepared for some adverse reaction, if you are effective - threats of arrests and lawsuits are to be expected.

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