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Article posted Oct 25 2012, 4:49 PM Category: Commentary Source: Douglas French Print

Can Jury Slaves Say What's True?

Douglas French

See my own story here: Tell the Truth, Get Out of Jury Duty

I too was criticized for doing the same, as you'll see in the comments on his article, the fact of the matter is I didn't want to perjure myself, and as Jeff Tucker notes it would only have ended in a hung jury and a retrial. - Chris
Until last week, I had managed all of my adult life to avoid jury duty. As a young adult in Topeka, Kan., I was never summoned. For my two decades living in Las Vegas, I was able to call in a couple times declaring economic hardship. Most of the time, I seemed to be off their radar screen. I always suspected it was because I hadn't registered to vote.

But finally in my new home in this small Southern town, the state got me. There seemed to be no reasonable way out. Alabama finds its victims to serve by choosing from driver's license records.

My plan was to show up, be asked a couple questions that reveal my hatred of the state, and especially the criminal justice system, be judged as unreliable for the jury box, and be sent on my way.

Unfortunately that's not how the system works.

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Posted: Oct 26 2012, 11:03 AM

81161 You know what Chris ?
If I was ever on trial, no matter for what, I would much prefer to have
someone like you on 'my' Jury rather than all the sheeple ..

I STILL wouldn't get a 'fair' trial, but at least the verdict might be 'fair' !!

Posted: Oct 26 2012, 11:20 AM

Yeah, well I would want the same, in fact, i'd like if the entire system was abolished. Problem is it doesn't work that way, at least not in the state I am in. If it was New Hampshire where you're actually allowed to nullify the laws that's one thing, but like in this story the judge systematically works to sniff out anyone who thinks they have the power to nullify, you're facing perjury charges if you go against it, people have gone to jail for doing just that, the whole system is completely unjust in every respect. One person on a jury going undercover to not convict is not going to change anything, and like I said in my comment it will just result in a retrial if you're the only one who doesn't agree. It's like the quote "if voting changed anything they'd make it illegal," you don't change society through trickery, it takes a massive change in thought to change anything, just look at how marijuana is still illegal most everywhere, the public are around 50% in support yet they're still jailing and robbing people every day.

Posted: Oct 28 2012, 9:17 AM

6464 Chris, have you ever watched the old British sci-fi series "Blake's 7"? Check out the first episode, "The Way Back". The totalitarian government in that show drugs the food and water with "suppressants" to control the people. People who take a stand against the government are either killed or brainwashed. After being captured at an anti-government meeting (at which everyone else is killed), the main character, Blake (who had previously been brainwashed) is taken to jail. The government trumps up charges against him, all involving children, and finds him guilty in a kangaroo court.
So far, I've only seen the first episode, but I'm looking forward to seeing more. This series has never been released for the U.S. home video market, so I'm having to watch it on the internet.
Jake Witmer

Posted: Jan 30 2014, 7:55 PM

3897 " If it was New Hampshire where you're actually allowed to nullify the laws that's one thing"

Every juror in all 50 states has the right and the power to nullify the law. Judges in 47 States have the power (but not the right) to mislead jurors and indicate to them that this is not the case, as well as to misinstruct jurors before they are seated. Hence the confusion from people who are bad at simple logic. Additionally, during "voir dire" (the pre-trial unconstitutional "jury selection" process) anyone who indicates that they know they have a right to nullify will be weeded out of the jury (including in New Hampshire).

The solution?

Keep your big mouth shut, don't volunteer any information, and answer the questions like the other sheeple answer them. Say "Yes your honor, and No your honor" and don't make a scene. Say what you need to say to get seated, and then nullify the bad laws.

Don't be a dipshit, a coward, or a loudmouth. Your fellow man's freedom depends on you holding it together for five minutes of your life. Think you can do that?
Jake Witmer

Posted: Feb 26 2014, 4:54 AM

3897 Chris, the editor of this post write:

"I too was criticized for doing the same, as you'll see in the comments on his article, the fact of the matter is I didn't want to perjure myself, and as Jeff Tucker notes it would only have ended in a hung jury and a retrial. - Chris"

"Didn't want to perjure myself" --OK, this is your real reasoning, and such reasoning is cowardly, unintelligent, narrow-sighted, and anti-liberty. Why not rephrase it so it reveals the entire truth? "My desire to not lie to the police state ("perjure myself")" overrode my desire to "obstruct the actual victimization of an innocent person by that police state."

When Thoreau stated that we must cling with our whole weight against the system, he was precisely referring to refusing to allow oneself to be used as a tool to punish innocent people. In this case, the abolitionists of the time were highly successful at setting free innocent people accused of harboring fugitive slaves.

"and as Jeff Tucker notes"
--Ah, the appeal to an idiotic authority figure for legitimacy. Argument by appeal to a (false) authority. Sorry, when a libertarian gives a cowardly or unsound line of reasoning, they lose the title "libertarian."

"it would only have ended in a hung jury and a retrial"
Wow. You really can see the future! But you know what? Statistically speaking, you're totally wrong. First of all: hung juries put a ton of pressure on prosecutors. They open themselves up to arguments that they are "wasting time and tax money prosecuting innocent people."

(As a great proof of this, recently in Colorado, one entire year before the people of Colorado voted to legalize marijuana, the Arapahoe County prosecutor stopped filing marijuana charges against people, because they realized NO JURY WOULD CONVICT.) And let's imagine that they are willing to retry a case more than two times (they aren't, but let's pretend they are, for the sake of your weak argument): if you become a nullifying juror, at least you didn't comply! At least you took every action in your power to prevent an innocent person from having their life destroyed by the police state.

And what about the possibility that you might actually convince the other jurors to "vote not guilty" alongside you? This happens on a regular basis, to the extent that prosecutors in DC, including Paul Butler, have stopped prosecuting marijuana offenses. Additionally, due to such informed jurors, Paul Butler stopped being a prosecutor, and became a vocal advocate of nullifying the drug laws!

Actual nullification --and all votes to nullify-- are the Foundation of the libertarian element of western civilization. All of the economic success of America, the industrial revolution, the relatively high standard of living in the USA in comparison to third-world hellholes like North Korea and Soviet Russia, is due to the right of jury trial. The jury is the only branch of government comprised of people who did not seek political power.

In many cases, libertarians ONCE SEATED ON THE ACTUAL JURY have convinced the other conformists on the jury to vote with them, "NOT GUILTY."

At very least try for this optimal outcome. If you fail, at least you can truthfully say "I served the higher truth, and didn't let the police state use my tendency for narrow-minded honesty against me, and against an innocent person."

That would be something to be really proud of. Use Marcy Brooks, DOug Casey, and Edward Bushell as your role models, not dipshit wanna-be anarchists like Doug French and Jeffrey Tucker.
Comments 1 - 5 of 5 Page 1 of 1

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