Massive "Army" Of Police Beat Down & Taser Lone Student Over Open Beer Container

Chris | InformationLiberation
Oct. 05, 2012

The student was completely unarmed, yet an "army" of police swarmed him and beat him like a gang of rabid hyenas.

HOLLYWOOD ( — A college student who claims he was unjustly beaten and Tasered by officers while out with his friends in Hollywood last October is suing the Los Angeles Police Department.

“All I could remember was just sirens and punches,” said Aibuedefe Oghogho, who has no criminal past. Oghogho has filed a lawsuit against the LAPD, alleging excessive use of force and a violation of his civil rights for the arrest that happened on Oct. 22, 2010.

Video of Oghogho — who was holding a beer concealed in a paper bag — and his friend crossing the street was captured by a Hollywood nightclub’s security camera.

In the video, officers can be seen pulling up in an unmarked car and asking Oghogho what he’s holding. He says one of the officers pushed him, and Oghgho admits to putting up an arm and saying, “Stop.” That’s when he says things went south.

During the struggle, Officer Jenkins can be seen pulling his baton and striking Oghogho in the neck. He and his partner, Officer Tafoya, are then seen repeatedly punching Oghogho while he is on the ground. Oghogho is then put in handcuffs and is motionless on the ground when what appears to be an army of backup officers arrive.

“They picked me up, threw me onto this fence and they threw me onto the fence started hitting me while I was on the fence and then they slammed me down like head first,” Oghogho said. “And I’m…and it’s the whole time they’re doin’ it, the whole time they’re doin’ it, I hear one officer keep punching me in my face, he’s telling me, ‘stop resisting arrest, stop resisting arrest’ and all I could say to myself was, ‘I’m not resisting.’”

The most painful moment happens out of view of the camera, when he is taken to the ground one more time and a third officer, Officer De La Torre, pulls out his Taser and issues a five-second shock.
The LAPD investigated themselves and found themselves not guilty. Fortunately, the charges police filed against him for "suspicion of felony resisting arrest" were dismissed thanks to the beating being caught on tape.
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