Woman Gets $81 Ticket for Parking Car with Windows Down

CTV Vancouver Island
Sep. 29, 2012

The only thing crazier than this law is the media reporting it as though it's great and she's a criminal. - Chris
NANAIMO - Tara Hill was surprised to hear that a police officer was looking for her and the reason why, she couldn't believe. She was getting a ticket for parking her car and leaving her windows rolled down.

"Your motor vehicle is unsecured. I thought what? Is someone playing a joke on me?" says Hill.

The officer was serious, she violated a motor vehicle act and Hill was getting a $81 ticket. Nanaimo RCMP's Gary O'Brien says it's the officer's discretion to issue a ticket.

"Section 192 of the Motor Vehicle Act states that a vehicle has to be secured when a vehicle is parked. That means the windows rolled down, keys in the ignition or doors unlocked, says O'Brien.

Like many, Hill was oblivious to the law. She and the RCMP officer talked about the incident and he issued her a warning, giving her an educational lesson instead of a fine.

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