LAPD Cops Violently Slam Nurse To Ground, Celebrate With Fist Bump

Chris | InformationLiberation
Aug. 30, 2012

There's few things more enjoyable than slamming a young nurse and mother to the ground face first. Well, at least if you're an LAPD police officer.

TUJUNGA, Calif. (KTLA) -- LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has removed the commanding officer of the Foothill Division over a use-of-force incident caught on surveillance video.

The incident occurred during a traffic stop on August 21 near a Del Taco in Tujunga.

The alleged victim has been identified as 34-year-old Michelle Jordan, of Sunland, who is the mother of a toddler and a registered nurse.

Police say Jordan was pulled over for a cell phone violation and got out of her car and became confrontational with the officers.

According to Jordan, she merely got out of her car, and the next thing she knew she was being slammed to the ground and handcuffed.

Then, as she was then escorted over to the police car, she was slammed to the ground a second time.

Once Jordan was inside the squad car, the officers appeared to share a celebratory "fist bump."

Jordan was booked for resisting arrest, and later released.

She sustained serious injuries, shown in the photographs provided by her attorneys, who say they believe this was a clear case of excessive force.

Chief Beck has called for a criminal and administrative investigation with internal affairs.

He has also removed Capt. Joseph Hiltner, a 34-year veteran of the force, as commanding officer of the Foothill Division for his handling of the case.

"I have serious concerns about this incident and I believe the commanding officer of Foothill area was severely deficient in his response," Beck said.

Hiltner was deficient in notifying his superiors about the incident and didn't relieve the officers involved from field duties, according to Beck.

He faces a possible demotion, Beck said, and the two officers involved will be held accountable for their actions.

After seeing the video, the chief immediately removed the officers from the field, assigning one of them to home.

One of the officers involved was a 22-year veteran of the force, while the other was a probationary officer with just 10 months on the job.

Beck has mandated that the video be played at all roll calls and that commanding officers attend and discuss use of force issues throughout the department.
Do the cops really need to be trained not to throw a young woman face first to the ground over a cell phone violation? Is that not already a part of their supposed "training?" Any time the police get caught carrying out some horrible abuse, they always respond "they need more training."

They need to be thrown in jail for committing crimes, they need to be held personally accountable for the criminal actions they commit, they need to pay out of their own pocket when a settlement is won against them, they need to pay for their own legal defense when a citizen files suit against them, that's what they need. (Realistically, they need to be shut down entirely.)

If they need to watch videos of their brethren beating women up and fist bumping to be instructed "don't do that," they shouldn't be police officers.
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