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Article posted Aug 26 2012, 2:21 PM Category: Commentary Source: FringeElements Print

One Hundred Epiphanies (Not Zeitgeist)

"One Hundred Epiphanies" is a new documentary by Youtuber FringeElements. His take on democracy is frankly, brilliant. I think about this documentary almost constantly ever since watching it. For example, take his hilarious "McDonald's test":

"Imagine if McDonald’s said they would run the courts, the police, the roads, the mail, and regulate all industry - the command posts of society - but don’t worry, you can keep them in check through elections (which they also run). Take off the golden arches and slap on that flag, and it suddenly becomes an idea to be taken seriously."

This documentary is epiphany after epiphany, just like it's name says. Watch it, enjoy it, and spread it far and wide. - Chris, InfoLib

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Posted: Aug 26 2012, 8:30 PM

67172 a disorganized video with a million things thrown at you to process and store before immediately moving onto the next point. Author makes no attempt to justify his position so it can be accepted as valid....before moving onto the next point (which there are many).

F for content (however I only listened to the 1st 45 minutes)
F for delivery
F for building consensus
F for defining objectives


Posted: Aug 27 2012, 1:08 AM

The thought process is pretty clear, especially the parts on democracy, though the religion parts were more speculative. It seems to me you simply disagree with it, and are therefor attacking it (with gross generalizations).

Posted: Aug 27 2012, 11:30 PM

72223 Religion = Re~legion.. first the stars were god. And then the Jews created money, the only god you all are god and the Jew is the parasite.
Roger from the Netherlands

Posted: Aug 28 2012, 11:51 AM

82173 Quite liking it....i see what he is aiming at in the beginning (not so far yet). Any idea who the creater exactly is and who he is to tell us this?

Posted: Aug 28 2012, 1:18 PM

Hey Roger, glad you like it!

Here's all his accounts from one of his sites:

Other Video Sites:

Posted: Aug 28 2012, 3:45 PM

i haven't watched the video but reading through this thread tells me there's no need to.

@72223, the planets were their gods. the stars/constellations are the beasts in the bible. (i'm sure you've seen their "Star Power" logos). i don't have all the details yet but i see this 'master mind' working like an enormous machine. stars are markers for timing (likened to an engines timing-belt) and the constellations/beasts should align with geographical locations on the earth; most likely geoglyphs.

i wouldn't go as far as to call these drones "jews." they hide behind this religion, but they are just as much catholic, christian, and mormon, as they are "jew."

Posted: Aug 28 2012, 5:04 PM

58164 Most interesting video though its accuracy and Sloppy conclusions making are dubious. At best it's a thought provoker and that in my book is never a bad thing.
A for effort
C for comprehend ability
D for qualifying assumption
C- for quality conclusion making

Posted: Aug 28 2012, 5:22 PM

58164 Like zeitgeist, it's a good rough draft for something that can be wonderful. Bring on 'addendum'.
Will need to sort out the many subjective conclusions hes making, be careful with conflating and create a more comprehensible flow. Perhaps edit down to one hr too.
Great effort that can constructively add to understanding, though doubt many of its
conclusions are accurate

Posted: Aug 29 2012, 7:38 PM

the count-down starts with number 8, then, there are brief flashes of inverted words, "roll" and so on...when the count-down reaches the number 4, the letter "C" appears on the upper portion of the screen -- both sides of the 4, and the letter "F" on both sides at the bottom.

the number 8 sends you through loops, "saturn-style." jupiter/zeus/jehovah (whatever the f* you call it...) represents the number 4. the c = 3, and the f = 6. add them up numerology-style and you get "9" or the reflection of "6."

that's as far as i've watched. with so much imagery flashing by, in just the first 10 sec. i think i'll stick with my initial impression, that there's no need to.

Posted: Aug 30 2012, 3:08 PM

@58164, "a good rough draft for something that can be wonderful."

i was told not too long ago that my problem was, "i couldn't put reason over emotion." i laughed, (contradictions do make me laugh) because it wasn't "my problem" at all. the problem for the other side is, i won't get on board with their "reason."

they're selling zeitgeist as wonderful, the occult as aliens, and a trip to mars aboard the Falcon 9. i'm not sure which ideal is being sold to what department, but i see them as b/s. science is now saying that negative energy does exist ... i think my reasoning would be a more "logical" choice for the future mankind and it is "the other side" that can't put this reason over their own "emotions".
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