VIDEO: Lapel Cam Reveals A Day In The Life Of A U.S. Police Officer (Tasing, Beating, Breaking & Entering, Stomping On Heads... and Laughing About It)

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Aug. 22, 2012

This has to be the most revealing video I've ever seen detailing a day in the life of a U.S. police officer. These out of control cops run wild beating people up, breaking into people's homes without warrants, tazing people begging them to act reasonably, stomping on suspect's heads with their feet, then beating them while subdued while yelling "stop resisting."

All this was over marijuana.

Of course, on their police reports, the cops lied about everything.

Albuquerque police released videos Thursday that show officers Tasering one man and punching and jumping on the back of another who is screaming “I surrender.”

The second man was being held at gunpoint by another officer, who had a boot on the man’s head.

In the wake of the May 31 incident, officer Connor Rice was charged Thursday with misdemeanor counts of battery and aggravated battery and two other officers remain under investigation.

A criminal summons will be issued to Rice for the charges, which could land him in prison for up to 18 months, Police Chief Ray Schultz said at a news conference Thursday, where he released the videos after public records requests from reporters and a lawsuit from a local television station.

Rice was not arrested, Schultz said, because APD investigators determined a summons was “the best course of action” considering the incident took place more than two months ago.

Rice also still has his job – for now. Schultz said he was moved from desk duty to leave without pay after he was charged criminally on Thursday.

Two other officers involved in the May incident, Shad Solis and Ronald Surran, have not been charged, although Schultz said they both remain on desk duty. Criminal and Internal Affairs investigations continue into the incident, and he did not rule out additional criminal charges.

Rice has been with APD six years, Surran is a 16-year veteran and Solis has been with APD 14 years. None of the three could be reached for comment Thursday.

Tasered 3 times

Under pressure from the news media, Schultz on Thursday released video recordings of the incident taken from the officers’ lapel-mounted cameras.

The videos show Rice and Solis telling a man outside a Northeast Heights apartment building that they want to search his apartment for a man who had fled on foot from an earlier narcotics investigation.

The man asks the officers if they need a warrant to do so, and Rice replies: “No … It’s called a hot pursuit.”

The initial investigation of the suspected narcotics activity at a park in the 7900 block of Marquette NE had ended nearly 20 minutes prior.

Meanwhile, another man walks into the apartment with his dog, closing a metal security door and a wooden door behind him. Rice yells at the man, opens the metal door into the apartment, and Solis, with his gun drawn, kicks open the wooden door.

“Obviously, that’s a violation,” Schultz said of the officers’ entry into the apartment. “You do have to have a warrant to enter.”

As soon as the wooden door flies open, Rice shoots the man inside with his Taser. While the man screams in pain and begs the officer to let him get his dog, which is barking in the background, Rice sends another five-second “cycle” of electronic current into his body.

Meanwhile, Solis leaves the room and discovers that the suspect the two officers had been looking for had fled the apartment on foot. As Solis walks back into the room, he shoots the man Rice had just Tasered with his own stun gun.

Video from about an hour later shows the man who had fled the apartment lying on the ground, his hands behind his back, with APD officer Ronald Surran’s boot pressing his face into the ground. Surran has his gun pointed at the suspect.

Rice enters the picture and jumps onto the suspect, who is screaming: “I surrender.”

“Oh, you surrender, huh?” Rice says, then strikes the suspect three times in the upper torso with either his hand or his fist.

After officers handcuff the man, two officers exchange a high-five, although it is unclear from the video which ones.

[...]A review of the police reports filed on the incident by Solis, Rice and Surran paints a very different picture than what is shown in the videos. None of their reports mentioned the strikes to the head or the fact that the man had clearly surrendered prior to being struck.
Read the details of the charges the cops are facing here.

Watch the full video here:

What is so revealing about this video is it shows how police live in a completely different world from the slaves they rule over. Their magic costumes place them in a parallel world where anyone's home can be broken into, warrants are irrelevant, tasers are to be used indiscriminately for any reason, slave's heads are made for stomping on, and beating your slaves while yelling "stop resisting" after they've explicitly surrendered is an act of self defense. After their reign of terror is over, the cops high five each other, exchange jokes, and have a hearty laugh.

Meanwhile, what was the prerequisite for this rampage? The cops were looking to jail people over some dried plant the government hasn't granted their slaves permission to consume.

Welcome to the land of the free.

Updated June 13, 2013: One of the cops involved, officer Connor Rice, who was seen punching the grounded man three times in the face while another officer stomped on his head, has been fired almost a year after the incident. He is facing battery charges in relation to the incident. No charges are being filed against the other officers seen terrorizing this neighborhood, including the officer seen stomping on the suspect's head.
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