Kentucky Cop Accused Of Having Sex With Woman In Exchange For Dropping Charges

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Aug. 17, 2012

Sgt. Robert D. Brown, a 10-year veteran Kentucky police officer, has been accused of having sex with a woman "in exchange" for not charging her with a drug crime.

It's not clear from this report whether the woman allegedly suggested the "exchange," or the cop presented her with an ultimatum. Regardless, the woman was being threatened, and she was being threatened over a victimless non-crime, allegedly possession of drug paraphernalia, not even actual drugs. If she relented to letting the cop have sex with her because she was under duress, I think that would be called rape by most anyone's standards. For whatever reason, when it's a law enforcement officer involved, and rather than threatening the victim with explicit violence, they're threatening them with implicit violence in the form of "charges," it's always viewed as an "exchange."


Court documents released today claim Sgt. Robert D. Brown, 51, didn't charge a woman for having drugs in her possession during a traffic stop last December.

According to police Brown pulled a car over at Man O' War & Beaver Creek Dr. on December 9, 2011 He charged the driver, Brian Kazee, 24, with operating on a suspended license.

But drove the female passenger to a remote location in Fayette County where he agreed to drop the drug-charges against her in exchange for sex.

Brown a veteran officer of the force could not be reached for comment. notes after seven or so months of "investigation," Sgt. Robert D. Brown was eventually suspended without pay.

Far from an isolated incident, police regularly hold charges over women (and men) in order to essentially rape them. Last month, a Kentucky police officer was arrested after allegedly raping two women in exchange for not arresting them, "he was dressed in a uniform and carrying a gun," one victim said. Also last month, a Florida police officer who allegedly "suspected" a 15-year-old had had sex, ordered the 15-year-old to undress, then allegedly examined her private parts with a flashlight. Additionally, last month a Bakersfield officer was arrested after allegedly "holding [a] woman's stolen items [as] ransom for sexual favors". Those are just a few incidents within the last two months, there are obviously many more where that came from, and no doubt many more where the perps never got caught. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you let a monopolist gang hold special powers over everyone else, expect for the rates of such incidents to increase as this country continues to disintegrate.
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