Bill O'Reilly & Michael Savage Come Out In Favor Of Gun Control

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jul. 25, 2012

Neocons Bill O'Reilly and Michael Savage have both endorsed expanding gun control laws. Michael Savage on his radio show today called for "drum" magazines to be banned, as well as full body armor. He said no one needs full body armor nor drum magazines "to go hunting."

O'Reilly on his show, after denouncing MSNBC for exploiting the Dark Knight shooting to push for gun control, said immediately after he supports expanding gun control laws by forcing all "heavy" weapons purchases to be tracked by the FBI, engaging in the exact type of exploitation he denounced one sentence earlier.

It is noteworthy that President Obama has yet to come out in support of any new gun control laws, yet four prominent neocons, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Kristol, Bill O'Reilly, and Michael Savage all have. It should be obvious to anyone who is not trapped in the "false left right paradigm" that right wing neocons support the expansion of state power just as much, if not more than the left. These people are not "conservatives," they're state supremacists.

See the O'Reilly clip here:

Update: Obama was beat to the chase but he has now come out in favor of expanding gun control laws. I suppose he too can "never let a good crisis to go waste."

Update II: Here's a clip of Savage, it's from a few days ago before I heard it, he also called for Obama to order Warner Bros to pull Dark Knight from theatres "for a few days."
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