'Protected' Great White Shark Bites Young Man in Half

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jul. 16, 2012

The enviro-fascist Australian government is literally throwing it's citizens to the sharks.

Due to their "protected status," great whites are not allowed to be killed in Australia, same goes for New Zealand, South Africa, and even in America. Penalties differ, but in New Zealand if you dare to kill one of these beasts you face a potential $250,000 fine and 6 months in prison.

Thanks to the government, these vicious predators are allowed to roam free, and they've already killed five people off Australia's western coast this year. The latest victim was a 24 year old surfer who was literally bitten in half by one of these "protected" predators.

Moron environmentalists have managed to concoct a ridiculous fantasy these killers are some gentle creatures who are no threat to anyone. Please tell that to this young boy who just got bitten in half. While I wouldn't dispute a fully fed great white may be gentle and relatively harmless, being in the water with a great white while it's out feeding is an entirely different scenario.

The fact of the matter is people have no idea how many of these sharks there actually are in the ocean, there could be hundreds of thousands of them, or as some estimate as little as 3,500. No one has any actual clue, as the ocean is unimaginably massive there is no way to know with any sort of certainty how many are out there.

The issue here is one of self-defense and whether or not humans should be allowed to advance as a species. Should people be allowed to defend themselves against the dangers of the outside world, or do we have to just accept life as it is now and forgo any hope of progress?

We build houses out of steel to defend against hurricanes, we put up mosquito nets to defend against mosquitoes festering with disease, yet when it comes to great whites the government says we need to "swim with the fishes."
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