Concealed Carry Permit Holder Says Cops Beat Him Up

CBS Local
Jun. 27, 2012

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - A Minneapolis man says he was beaten by police as he left a downtown nightclub.

Zachary King says he was walking to his car when police noticed his gun in his waist band. He claims he told police he had a permit to carry, but they still attacked him.

King suffered a concussion after five officers beat him on Father’s Day night. King says video of the assault was taken by a bystander. He says it all started when police noticed a bulge near his waist band.

“I have my conceal and carry, and it’s my gun. And soon as I said that he grabbed me by my neck, slammed me against the wall, snatched my gun out the holster, started waving it in the air saying ‘gun, gun, gun,’” said King.

King says he made no sudden moves, nor said anything disrespectful.

“Then four other officers just came and slammed me on my face, one of the officers had me by my head just banging it on the sidewalk,” he said.

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