Marine Vet Arrested for Protesting, Libs Cheer as Cop Abuses Him

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jun. 03, 2012

A marine veteran was arrested for protesting at a pro-union rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In the video, you can see a cop starts to manhandle the protester "for his own good" because the cop seemed to feel the man was going to "get his ass kicked" by the rowdy crowd.

I guess the cop figured why wait for someone else to accost him, so he took matters into his own hands and accosted him himself.

Eventually, after dragging the man a few feet arbitrarily in one direction, the cop lets him go.

The man then has the audacity to state he has a right to protest, and he dares to tell the cop he has no right to lay his hands on him.

Note, this whole time he is pointing his finger at the cop somewhat aggressively.

The cop didn't appreciate being told what he can or cannot do, so he came back and manhandled him again just to show him who's boss.

"You don't put your hand out away from my face or you're going to get out of here," the cop states eloquently.

The cop then decided to use the man's gesturing as a pretext to detain him again.

After another brief discussion, the man again dares to wave his finger in the cop's direction, and that was apparently the final straw.

In the meantime, during this whole debacle, the leftist union thugs and government loving plebs around him are cheering for him to be arrested.

"Take him to jail, take him to jail!"

They revel as the cop uses raw force against him and you can tell they love seeing his rights being trampled on.


Because he holds different political views than them.

That's statism for you.

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