Barbed Wire Is Beautiful

by Jeff Berwick
Jun. 01, 2012

Flashback: Oklahoma Law Makes Home Fotification IllegalI love barbed wire. I love electric fences. I love gates and security systems, guard dogs and guns. As I strolled with my chihuahuas through my beautiful Acapulco neighborhood recently I realized this. An American friend who had come down to Acapulco to live pointed it out. “Wow, electric fence,” he stated, pointing at one of many nice villas in my neighborhood that have that type of fencing. I had never really thought about it, but his comment gave me reason to do so.

It also reminded me of a travel review I had read recently when I was in a beautiful part of Asuncion, Paraguay. I had gone for a walk in a nice suburb and many houses had large gates and barbed wire, broken glass or electric fences at the top of the wall. Again, I hadn’t given it much thought but the travel review, from an American – always the last to recognize freedom – stated, “Asuncion must be a terribly dangerous town, almost every house has large gates and barbed wire or razor wire fencing.”

I laughed, knowing that the area where I was, in Asuncion, was incredibly safe… much safer than most US cities. But it wasn’t until this week that I thought more on barbed wire that I realized why most people get it wrong… barbed wire doesn’t necessarily mean it is a dangerous area. In fact, it is more likely to be an incredibly safe area… certainly, hardly break and enters (B&E’s) happen!

B&E’s are so commonplace in countries like the US and Canada that they have their own acronym. In fact, rarely a week goes by that I see one of my friends in Canada complain that their car or house got broken into. They don’t even see the stupidity of NOT having some sort of private protection device. That’s because they believe that the socialized police force is there to protect them from crime! But, they somehow don’t see the irony of stealing money from citizens who do not want a socialized police service to theoretically, but rarely in practice, protect them from theft.


That’s what makes barbed wire beautiful. It is not funded through theft. The owner of that property uses the most economical thing he can find to deter people from aggressing against his property. And, because he does that, he actually prevents theft from occurring – and in effect he stops two forms of theft. Meanwhile, in the US or Canada, two thefts occur for every theft… the initial tax theft to pay for the socialized policing and then the theft that happens because socialized policing rarely protects life or property. Sure, every now and then they do stop someone and are positioned as heroes for doing what is suppoed to be their job. But, more often than not, a call to 911 results in someone showing up an hour later – usually a bit too late to stop a rape or murder – and writing down what happened. Just ask Flava Flav!

I know some Americans right now are thinking, “But I think barbed wire is ugly.” Sure, on a purely esthetic level, it isn’t exactly art. But on a moral level it is as beautiful as a glorious sunset. Barbed wire means self-dependence. It means independence. It means non-aggression and self-defense. It also means that I don’t have to hear my Facebook friends whine that their house got broken into again. Put up some barbed wire! And an electric fence on top of it! But that would take away from the esthetics of the home, they say? When I see an unprotected home, that is what I find ugly. It means that you expect me to involuntarily pay for what you should be doing for yourself and loved ones: protecting yourself.


But, even more important, for those who live in the US, you need to get some barbed wire and electric fences just to keep the cops out! No knock raids – often mistakenly on the wrong home – as stormtroopers swarm in, knock down your door, and scare your wife and children to death, if not killing them “by accident”, as they look for dried flowers, is now one of your biggest threats. That socialized police force that was supposed to protect you is now the ones you need to keep out of your home. Surprise, surprise!

That’s what happens when you turn over your own security to a group of people who have no accountability and who you have granted the right to take most of your money every year to protect you.

Some barbed wire and an electric fence should at least slow those fascists down.


Many people might think that if you “need” to have barbed wire or gates or walls you must just live in a “bad area”. But, that is rarely the case.

A drive around Beverly Hills shows most rich people who live in fairly safe areas all have large gated areas and their own security. Most rich people in the world will always have a well-protected home. Buckingham Palace is a fortress now protected by surface to air missiles! Is that because the Queen lives in a “bad area”?

No, it is because only the rich can afford to build these large gates and compounds… the middle class get most of their earnings sucked away to “pay” for their non-existent protection. And then, to make matters worse, the poor, which are mostly made poor by the state, need to steal in order to stay alive… the state is a self-licking ice cream cone. It creates poverty which causes crime by which they say they need to steal from everyone in order to protect people.


In my case, if you get passed the gate and barbed wire, in Mexico, you’ll then have to deal with my professional boxer bodyguard, two chihuahuas and Remy, the german shepherd/husky mix and a host of armaments and a family all trained in kung fu and boxing. Is it because we need it? Highly unlikely. But there is nothing like the confidence of knowing you can take on almost all comers.

If you've never had a handgun in your pocket or purse or at least are trained in a fighting art (and it is never too late to learn) you've never known the feeling of true freedom. When you cannot protect your own body then you feel weak and are susceptible to feeling the need for others to protect you.


Get out of the collectivist/statist game. Get some barbed wire, build a large wall around your house in your suburb in middle America. Put some broken glass on top of the wall and an electric fence on top of that. All of it is almost assuredly against the zoning laws in your area and your neighbors will create a massive ruckus. They’ll come after you with the full force of “the law” and try to take it down. How dare you take your own protection of your life and property into your own hands?

If you fight them off long enough they’ll eventually come in with tanks like in Waco. That’s how far the state and the collectivists who support the state will go to ensure you cannot protect yourself. That’s why barb wire is beautiful and the state is ugly.
Jeff Berwick [send him mail] is an anarcho-capitalist freedom fighter and Chief Editor of the libertarian, Austrian economics grounded newsletter, The Dollar Vigilante.

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