Girl Tells School Teacher She Got Sunburn From Tanning With Her Mom, School Teacher Tells Police & Has Mom Arrested

Chris | InformationLiberation
May. 03, 2012

Forgive me, but I can't help but notice the police state implications in even this admittedly hilarious viral video.

This woman was arrested by police after her daughter allegedly told a teacher at school she got sunburned because she "went tanning with her mom."

The teacher immediately went and ratted on the mother to police, because apparently taking a child tanning is an arrestable offense.

The mother, who as you can see in the video may be a bit too obsessed with tanning (but just a wee bit), denies the charges and says she would never let her daughter tan, she said her daughter just said it for whatever reason, which I believe is entirely plausible as children make things up and say things which are not true constantly.

Regardless, the idea that taking your children tanning is a crime is complete idiocy. The US already jails more people than any other county in the world, we have less than 5% of the world's population yet a quarter of the world's prisoners, it's due to idiotic nanny state laws like this (especially drug laws) which use government force to attempt to mold entirely voluntary human behavior which causes no harm to anyone but the individual themselves. Such laws do not work as they do not change the nature of human beings, what they do instead is turn everyone into a criminal (or a suspected criminal) and they allow the government total power under the guise of "enforcing the law."

I say let the woman tan herself into oblivion, if her child wants to tan, that is her prerogative. Now, if she forces her child to tan, that's where things may potentially become criminal, but otherwise I say leave the crazy tanning lady alone!

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