Businessman Sentenced to Jail Because His Sign Changed Too Frequently

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Apr. 18, 2012

Having more people in prison than Stalin had in his gulags is not enough, in this story out of New York a businessman has been sentenced to jail because the sign in front of his business changed it's message more frequently than "once every ten minutes."

Clearly, this is a jailable offense and the people of New York are safer now that this rogue criminal is off the streets.
LOCKPORT, N.Y. (WIVB) - A judge in the Town of Lockport has sentenced a local businessman to jail for violating the local ordinance on electronic displays.

In Lockport, the law dictates electronic signs can't change more than once every ten minutes. In 2009, business owner David Mongielo was first found in violation.

[...]He had to pay a fine of $700, and if he violated the law within a year, he would have to serve 15 days in jail. Days before the year was up, Mongielo's sign illuminated an upcoming fundraiser for Niagara County Sheriff's deputy Allen Gerhardt, who lost both legs in an auto accident.

Full story here.

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