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Article posted Mar 04 2012, 10:01 PM Category: Commentary Source: J.G. Vibes Print

Revisiting the caring nature of Individualism

by J.G. Vibes, Activist Post

Is there any valid reason or excuse to violate the rights of a nonviolent person? That is the primary question that separates the two political philosophies of collectivism and individualism. I’m sure that this was not a question that was raised in your college political science class, but nonetheless this is the fundamental question that determines whether a society is collectivist or individualist. While it may be true that there is a lot of grey area because these terms are defined so many different ways, the sacrifice of individual rights has always been a consequence of holding the rights of “the tribe” above those of the individuals that make up that tribe.

Be patient with me for a minute, I understand that these ideas may be putting you off a bit because it sounds like I’m saying that one person is more important than many people, but that’s not what I’m saying at all. So I urge you to just give this argument a chance with an open but critical mind.

I am not saying that one single person’s life or needs are more important than that of 50 or a 100 people. I am simply saying that you, your body and mind or the body and mind or your neighbor is worth more than “the State of California” or “the United States of America” or “the Democratic Republic of North Korea” or “Native Americans”. Why is that? Because those “countries”, “states”, and “races” are just categories; categories that are ironically enough used to describe… individuals.

With that being the case, it is perfectly fine to use whatever means necessary to describe people, but what is dangerous about collectivism is giving groups or categories rights that the individual does not have. The reason why this is a problem is because since collectives are just categories to describe individuals, when you give those categories rights that the individuals do not have, you are really giving some people rights that other people don’t have. This is how I feel collectivism operates in a political sense, and it is easy to see because this has been the dominant way of thinking throughout history.

When I speak of collectivist societies I am not only speaking of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, who are among the most obvious collectivized regimes in recent history. I am actually pointing out that collectivism is a trait that all modern governments share, since all governments ask the people living under their control to sacrifice their individual rights for the sake of “the country”.

This is where we can start to see the problem, because “the country” is never the millions of people living in that geographic area that consider themselves to be “the country”. They are not the people who make the decisions that “the country” is judged by, nor are they the people who reap the benefits of “the country’s” policies.

Even worse, is the fact that when a few people who claim to “represent” or “lead” a collective group of individuals commit some sort of heinous human rights violation, it is not just those few people who will ultimately be held accountable, it is the whole collective that they are apparently acting on behalf of.

Protecting the rights of the individual from the whims of the “group” (or people claiming leadership of that group), is one of the important steps that we must take to ensure that every individual has the same rights and that those rights will not be violated under any circumstances.

Also I want to be clear that I’m not suggesting that people should shut themselves off from society; that has nothing to do with any of this. It is a great thing for people to form communities, trade and find mutually beneficial ways of interacting. What is not a great thing, is forcing individuals to conform to a collective group or to sacrifice the individual's rights for any reason.
J.G. Vibes is an author, and artist -- with an established record label. In addition to featuring a wide variety of activist information, his company Good Vibes Promotions hosts electronic dance music events. You can keep up with him and his forthcoming book Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, at his website. AOTMR will be released in March 2012, thanks to Leilah Publications.

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Posted: Mar 05 2012, 12:49 PM

66177 The crooks are getting away with everything they do.
Innocent people are being victimized.

Elderly are being abused, financially, emotionally, through harassment & threats, right here where I live, me included...

I have spent hours and days calling everyone from lawyers to adult protective services.
I have documented proof and elderly witnesses,.... NO ONE CARES.
Its pass the buck-itis...

There's a company here that hires mostly illegals....
Try to report that to immigration..... good luck.
The web site states that they USUALLY do nothing, not even investigate, but you should report it anyway, lol.

Why? To be annoyed even more?

I am grateful for the white hat society, The Dragons, the 138 nation alliance that are fighting the evil to remove these parasites and give the people back their peace, freedom, and prosperity.

Lets all support them as best we can!
They give us something wonderful to look forward too.

Thank you. to the good guys for stepping up!!

The hunt is on, cabal arrests accelerating

March 5, 2012

The ongoing financial war is accelerating with arrests and assassinations being seen on both sides.

George Bush Senior and Bill Gates were arrested last week for sabotaging the new financial system after being fingered by Timothy Geithner, pentagon sources say.

The White Dragon Society, meanwhile has put out an all points bulletin seeking the immediate arrest for questioning of former Hong Kong Police Chief Peter Stevens.

Stevens is wanted on charges of smuggling into Japan the nuclear weapon that was used for the 311, 2011 nuclear and tsunami attack against Japan. Stevens is currently located at the Puerto Galera yacht club in the Philippines.

The gnostic illuminati family and the hacker group anonymous have also agreed to join forces with the White Dragon Society with a program of attacks on Monsanto and other cabal strongholds.

The Rockefellers, Krugers, Openheimers, Mellons, Warburgs, Rothschilds, Bushes, Morgans and other cabal families will be systematically hunted down and rounded up if they do not surrender within the month of March.


Posted: Mar 05 2012, 1:02 PM


Ben Fulford’s post: The hunt is on, cabal arrests accelerating

Posted on March 5, 2012 by Jean


The Dragon Family Royal Society group, meanwhile, provided this writer with more information about the ongoing financial war.

The Dragon family provided a copy of a document (which we will publish on our free website this week) that was handed over to the world’s central banks a year ago.

According to this document, all 69 “first and second world countries” together with 225 other sovereign groups, have signed on to the new financial system. The main backers of this system include the military forces of Russia, China and the US, according to a Dragon family source. The old royal families of the world have agreed to finance it initially with $15 trillion backed by gold, jewels and treasure owned by the royals.

These are the same families that funded the initial Bretton Woods system that got hijacked in the post war years by the families that own the Federal Reserve Board. The new system would eliminate all private ownership of central banks as well as “off the books” accounting.

In addition, the Dragon family has agreed to provide nations with funding to clear their debts and engage in new infrastructure and other spending aimed at “harmonious development.” The funding is vetted by representatives from 10 major world religions located in Rome.

It can be verified through “D.T.C. Euro Clear banks or Federal Reserve Board blue, grey or black screens,” the DF document states.

The opposition to this system is being run by the Federal Reserve Board banking families and their Bilderberger, CFR, Trilateral commission lieutenants. They are still issuing fiat dollars that are accepted inside the US, Germany, the UK, Italy, France and Switzerland.

The rest of the world (and a large part of the Swiss banking establishment) is refusing to accept these dollars but constant attempts are being made by the cabalists to launder their fiat money. They also have a comprehensive list of politicians and other power-brokers they have bribed and blackmailed throughout the world.

The cabalists have also tried to either kill or else freeze the assets of supporters of the new system. Despite this, a growing number of banks have defied the banking families and “crossed the picket line,” into support of the new system. Just ask a bank if they are Basel 3 compliant or not and you can find out what side they are working for.

The Dragon Family representative also said that the controversy over who had the rights to the traditional royal treasures could easily be settled in a court of law. They claim that R.C. Dam was a fraud set up by the banking families. They add that Eddie Soekarno was the legal holder of “some” Dragon family assets.

The battle over control of the financial system took a decisive turn last week when Bill Gates was arrested on charges of sabotaging the new financial system. George Bush Senior is the person who provided testimony about Bill Gates, according to senior Pentagon Sources.

The Dragon Family Royal Society has indicated they support the White Dragon Foundation plan for setting up a meritocratically staffed economic planning agency that would work in harmony with their plans.

The anti-bloodline rule gnostic group has insisted on the setting up of such an agency as a condition for them to call off mass planned mayhem and major demonstrations in Europe and the US starting in April.

The hackers group anonymous has also promised to systematically attack all cabal linked corporations, media outlets, individuals and power centers in a campaign of steadily increasing pressure and intensity.

In Japan as well, preparations for a coup d’etat against all banking cabal flunky politicians, bankers and media are nearly complete. These people already know their days in power have ended.

A delegation from China has arrived in Japan this week to discuss the transition to a new regime in Japan and the Korean peninsula. They will also be discussing the revamping of international institutions like the UN, the BIS, the World Bank, the World Court and the IMF.

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