Man Walks Up & Punches Cop Making Arrest

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jan. 23, 2012

A man in Baltimore, Maryland is being arrested by two cops, out of nowhere a random onlooker, who has since been identified as 40-year-old Manuel Imel, walks up to one of the cops and tries to deck him in the face.

The two cops manage to bring the man to the ground, when a third officer shows up, he viciously kicks the restrained man in the head, then punches him repeatedly in a fit of violent rage.

After the man gives up, the cop who was originally attacked gets up and threatens to pepper spray the man who is videotaping the whole event, as well as other shocked onlookers.

It's not clear what motivated the man to attack the officer, could it have been a response to a perceived injustice?

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