'Karma' Facebook post leads to criminal charges

Attorney for 16-year-old suspect: 'It's absurd'
by Doug Smith, FOX 13 Investigative reporter

Dec. 31, 2011

LARGO - Is it a crime to wish bad karma on someone? A Pinellas County teenager says she was suspended from school and charged with a crime just for posting a karma comment on her Facebook page.

Allie Scott is a junior at Osceola High School. The 16 year old says it all started in the school parking lot last month when she parked her brother's car in another girl's spot. She was asked to move it, and when she did at the end of the day, the car had been scratched up with a key.

Without naming who she thought did it, she posted this comment on her Facebook page: "Oh, so you keyed my car. Your karma is going to be a whole lot worse than that."

[...] Allie was charged with stalking by the sheriff's office. She has a court hearing next week.

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