"Shut That F&%king Thing Off Before I Slap You" -- UMass Cop Threatens Man For Filming Police

Oct. 11, 2011

An innocent bystander decided to film some local police on a public sidewalk, the police respond with threats an intimidation.

Here's how the incident went down according to the videographer:

"UMass Lowell police respond to an incident on North Campus involving a fight between a group of students. While recording and monitoring the police officer's activities on a public sidewalk, a right protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, I was told to stop filming and was then threatened with violence by an unidentified UML police officer. Despite this blatant violation of my rights and being verbally assaulted, I decided it was best to comply with the thug officer rather than to be possibly beat up and thrown in jail. However, I felt it was important to share this."

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