Lost Wallet Turned In To Police, Cop Steals Cash From It, Throws It In Trash

Chris | InformationLiberation
Oct. 01, 2011

America's finest in action.

MCall.com reports:
An Easton police officer who resigned this week amid allegations that he did not turn in a lost wallet entrusted to him was charged Friday with stealing $375 from it, and court records show he had financial trouble.

James E. Marcum Jr., who joined Easton police in 2007, surrendered to authorities and was charged with misdemeanor theft for allegedly taking cash from the wallet, which police said he later threw in the trash.

[...]Edward Gibson, the wallet owner, said the allegation that a police officer stole his money has left him with mixed emotions.

"I feel mad, I feel bad that he lost his job; I'm just all over the place," Gibson said. "If you can't trust a police officer, who can you trust?"
Oh god, don't make me laugh! Clearly, you can trust a random stranger who finds your wallet stuffed with cash, but you can never trust a man in uniform!

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