Pay with cash? Insist on privacy? Buying survivalist gear? FBI warns you might be a terrorist

Do you pay with cash? Do you try to be prepared for disasters like a good Boy Scout? According to an FBI brochure, then you are suspicious and might be a domestic terrorist. Sadly, this is NOT a joke.
By Ms. Smith

Network World
Aug. 22, 2011

You might be a domestic terrorist if you pay cash or if you "insist" on privacy when, for no reason, you are asked to show your identification. Sadly this is part two and not a You-Might-Be-a-Redneck-If-type joke as there is more proof that you might be a domestic terrorist if you actually believe your Constitutional Rights, or if you express concerns about Big Brother, or even if you have ever discussed the apocalypse online and your 'radical' Christian beliefs. When it comes to disasters, if your plan is to "be prepared" like the Boy Scout motto, then guess what? Be prepared to be suspicious and end up on a watchlist as a domestic terrorist. Prepared Girl Scouts are not safe either.

Oath Keepers posted [PDF] a "communities against terrorism" brochure that the Colorado FBI handed out as a potential indicator of terrorist activities to military surplus stores. The alarming list suggests that suspicious activities includes insisting to pay with cash or if the "suspect" demands "identity privacy." If you went into a military surplus store previously, don't alter your appearance such as by shaving, changing your hair color, or your style of dressing because that too may make you a domestic terrorist. Don't go buying items there as an intended gift because possessing "little knowledge of intended purchase items" makes you a potential extremist to be reported. Better shower well or use cologne/perfume because if you smell strange? You guessed it, you potential terrorist you.

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