"Belly Bombs" Terror Hype Is Easily Debunked BS

Media cited al Qaeda “implant bomber” was just another failed underpants terrorist
Steve Watson

Prison Planet
Jul. 09, 2011

The story earlier this week of a dangerous new type of terrorist threat, so called “belly bombers”, was accompanied by several media reports claiming that an al qaeda terrorist was the architect of the idea. However, the facts show that the idea is a total myth.

As we reported Wednesday, an anonymous US official revealed that the Department of Homeland Security has issued an advisory warning to all airlines that it has reason to believe that would be terrorists are planning to surgically implant explosives in their bodies.

In response to the DHS announcement, the TSA says that people traveling to the U.S. from overseas may experience additional screening at airports.

However, there is no intelligence relating to a specific plot or imminent attack, according to the unnamed US official.

With the revolt against the TSA reaching an all time high, following efforts in Texas to criminalize enhanced Pat downs, and Congressman Ron Paul’s ongoing effort to introduce the American Traveler Dignity Act, it is no surprise to find that many are simply not buying into the latest government contention.

ABC news accompanied their report on the story with an assertion that government officials claim the idea originated with an Al Qaeda affiliated bomb maker:
"We do not think there would be enough to bring down a jetliner, but it is more likely the kind of bomb to be used in an assassination attempt," said one person briefed on the warnings.

Homeland Security officials have revealed that the "belly bomb" is the invention of Ibrahim Asiri, a young Saudi native who packed explosives into the rectal cavity of his 23-year old brother Abdullah for a suicide missions targeting the head of Saudi intelligence, Prince bin Nayef. That bomb exploded prematurely, the officials said, and the only casualty was Asiri's brother. Asiri is also credited with two other failed plots involving the bomb hidden in the underwear of a passenger on a Detroit-bound flight, and the bombs hidden in printers being shipped from Yemen to Chicago.

However, a closer look at the facts revels that this was never the case.

As reported by Newsweek on January 2, 2010:
The briefing to Brennan was delivered at the White House by Muhammad bin Nayef, Saudi Arabia's chief counterterrorism official. In late August, Nayef had survived an assassination attempt by an operative dispatched by the Yemeni branch of Al Qaeda who was pretending to turn himself in.

The operative had tried to kill the Saudi prince by detonating a bomb on his body, but stumbled on his way into the prince's palace and blew himself up.

Saudi officials initially thought the bomb had been secreted in the operative's anal cavity.

But after investigating the matter more thoroughly, they concluded it had likely been sewn into his underwear
, thereby allowing the operative to bypass security checks before his meeting with the prince. A main purpose of Nayef's briefing for Brennan was to alert U.S. officials to the use of the underwear technique.
The same information was also reported months earlier by CNN in September 2009:
The would-be assassin of Saudi Arabia's Prince Mohammed bin Nayef hid his bomb in his underwear, apparently believing that cultural taboos would prevent a search in that part of his body, according to a Saudi government official close to the investigation.

The prince was slightly injured when the bomb exploded in the August attack. Several news reports this week have said the assailant hid the bomb inside his rectum, but according to the Saudi official, the government assessment discounted those reports, based on various factors.
As we highlighted in our earlier report, governments are looking into the possible deployment of new full strength body scanners, technology that will literally be able to see inside the human body.

Until now there has been no possible justification for the use of such devices. Until now. Nice timing.
Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.net, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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