Man Who Refused To Hand Over Arrest Video Acquitted

WRTV Indianapolis
Jul. 03, 2011

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis man who was charged after he refused to give police video of an arrest he captured on his cellphone has been acquitted.

Willie King, 66, was standing on his neighbor's property in the 3900 block of North Whittier Place as he recorded officers arresting a man on Feb. 18.

"I heard the neighbors screaming and hollering about the police. (They said) 'You all get off of him. He's already in handcuffs. Why are you doing this?' " King said. "I just got my camera out, put it on record, walked over to my neighbor's house and stood on his stoop."

The video shows an officer asking King if he was recording, saying he needed the video for evidence.

"You ain't taking (expletive). There ain't no evidence," King is heard saying on the video.

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