Cop unloads 33 bullets in neighborhood full of women and children to kill dog, stray bullets hit home with family in it

"It was just crazy. It was like a war zone out there."
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Apr. 19, 2011

A trigger happy cop unloaded 33 bullets in the middle of a neighborhood full of women and children in order to kill a neighborhood dog. Stray bullets flew everywhere, hitting multiple neighbor's cars and even shooting into an innocent family's home as they sat watching TV.

The story begins with cops responding to a report of some teenagers fighting, an 8-month old pit bull apparently "darted out of the partially opened door" of his home and ran towards the responding officers, at which point they shot the dog.

WPXI News reports:
"The cop said he felt like he was going to attack him," said Aycox, "and he just shot at him. The one cop hollered 'don't shoot him', but he shot him. When he shot him, the dog fell to the ground, was shaking and crying, but he just stood over top of him and kept shooting repeatedly."
The astonishing thing about this story is the cop unloaded literally 33 rounds in order to kill the dog! That's more than an assault rifle's full magazine. During this rampage, stray bullets flew throughout the neighborhood, shooting into people's homes and cars, reportedly, "there were children everywhere."
Neighbors say the dog was hit on one side of the street, but they found damage from police bullets on the other side of the street and several houses down. They say the officer's bullets hit vehicles and even houses where there were innocent bystanders. [...]

The dog was hit and fell in one area, but the bullets sprayed elsewhere, shooting out the window of a van that several women were getting ready to get into. The women say there were children everywhere.

The dog's neighbor says the dog simply was running to play with the local children, which he does regularly.
"He just came running out of the house," said neighbor Kelly McCulley. "He plays with the kids all the time. He saw all the kids up there and that's what he thought, that he was coming to play, and they just shot him over and over and over."
It's amazing no one else was killed in this rampage, the cop responsible need to be held accountable.

Update: The Courier Post has more. Note Delia Rodriguez is the Muslim woman who had her house shot up in the video above.
Delia Rodriguez said she pulled her six grandchildren to the floor and tried to cover them with her body after at least two bullets pierced the side of her home, ricocheting off the ceiling and shattering her front window.

Her house is four houses down and across the street from where officers were shooting.

"It was horrible, there were so many sounds. I was trying to get the children rounded up and I felt like I couldn't cover them all," said Rodriguez, 54.
It appears the cops have still yet to even name the officers involved.

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