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Article posted Mar 29 2011, 12:15 PM Category: Science/Technology Source: The Daily Mail Print

Jacob Barnett,12, with higher IQ than Einstein develops his own theory of relativity

A 12-year-old child prodigy has astounded university professors after grappling with some of the most advanced concepts in mathematics.

Jacob Barnett has an IQ of 170 - higher than Albert Einstein - and is now so far advanced in his Indiana university studies that professors are lining him up for a PHD research role.

The boy wonder, who taught himself calculus, algebra, geometry and trigonometry in a week, is now tutoring fellow college classmates after hours.

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Posted: Apr 03 2011, 12:07 AM

205208 Albert Einstein never took an I.Q. test. The proportionately but far from exclusively, by I.Q. caste, most innovative and creative people have been found to have I.Q.s in the 130s, particularly, to 160 range. Plenty of individuals with low I.Q.s, as low as the bottom 90s, have been evidenced to be quite ingenious and creative, as well, but as a group quantitatively far less ingenious and creative than higher and highest I.Q. people -- obviously high-level ingenuity and creativity are particularly human-species traits. Quality of the products of ingenuity and creativity is not correlated with I.Q. level. I.Q. is a cognitive score that reflects the size or extent of one's societally (academically and industrially) valuable knowledge, skills and information set, indicative of one's information processing, thinking and learning abilities or brain power, relative to one's peers of the same age. The one with the highest I.Q. is probably the best learner but not necessarily the best and most correct thinker or problem solver when matched with others with the same knowledge with which a problem may be approached for a solution or be solved.

My bet is that if this wonder boy puts science and reason before childish ego and narcissism, after his noble and youthful try to overthrow the big-bang theory, he will mature and submit to with awe and enthusiasm the established fact of the big-bang origin of the universe. Maybe he will, and I am hopeful he or someone will, contribute to improving Einstein's theories of relativity or to reconciling them -- the special and general theories of relativity. He is one of a number of intellectually or cognitively precocious children, some more accomplished than him.

Posted: Apr 03 2011, 2:33 AM

121219 Don't get hung up on the fact that his IQ has been quoted as being higher than most. Your explanation of the cognitive score ( . . . that reflects the size or extent of one's societally (academically and industrially) valuable knowledge, skills and information set, . . .) hardly seems relevant to an infant or indeed Jacob when he was a child, now does it? So you believe that the big bang THEORY is factual? This young boy may prove many in the scientific sphere wrong. Go Jacob - I'll watch this space for sure.

Posted: Apr 03 2011, 5:46 PM

205208 An infant's or child's "set" of societally valuable academic and industrial information, knowledge and skills "is" can be inventoried in assessing infant and, especially, child I.Q.s. For instance, language knowledge and skills (mastery of vowel and consonant sounds, at-large informal vocabulary, the alphabet, formal vocabulary, grammar (parts of speech, punctuation, sentence and compositional structures; reading comprehension, speed, accuracy and retention), mastery of counting and arithmetical signs, operations and rules and comprehension of geometric concepts such as a line, square, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, hexagon, octagon, cube, oval, cone, circle, semi-circle, planes, area and volume, etc.; mastery of drawing or drafting, picture-painting, clay shaping, sculpturing, paper object making and wood-shop skills; object familiarity and identification competence (of the ecology, animals, plants and society), as well as personal or self dress and care and play skills (including sports), and so on, are some examples of societally valuable rudimentary academic and industrial information, knowledge and skills applicable to assessing infant and child I.Q.s and for calculating, monitoring and attempting to optimize their academic, job and citizenship suitability in a technological and industrial society. Later, older children study advanced math and the sciences and foreign languages and attend science and language labs, as well as take profession and vocation related courses of study, whose subject matter, vocabulary and skills are included into I.Q. and advanced academic, scholastic and technical testing

Also, while a fact is always open to challenge, such as the fact of the big-bang origin of the universe, in reality it cannot be invalidated so long as the circumstances for its existence remain. It does not matter that perhaps an individual with an I.Q. of 69 ascertained the fact and an individual with an I.Q. of 170 disputes, dislikes or denies and argues against the fact, it still remains a fact -- that is, it remains the objective, verifiable "what is."

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