Why Net Neutrality Regulation is the Path to Ending Net Neutrality

by Judd Weiss
Hustle Bear
Jan. 05, 2011

It's really quite simple. The state is not here to "protect" you. The state is not here to "help" you. The state is an organized gang of violent criminals who seek to rob you, violently if need be, for their own nefarious ends. The politicians and bureaucrats are mafia dons with designer suits and the police are their thug enforcement arm to get you to obey their arbitrary dictates which they mask as "law." They're a parasite on productive society which only exists on theft and stealing people's money through threats of violence. As one poster quoted Friedrich Nietzsche earlier, "Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen." - Chris, InfoLib

> Against Net Neutrality: Don't Trust the State to "Protect" You. Ever.
> The Net Neutrality Debate: Twenty Five Years After United States v. AT&T and 120 Years After the Act to Regulate Commerce
Letís bring some perspective here. People have become hysterical. They are DEMANDING Net Neutrality. Now. Right NOW. But, wait a secondÖ they already have it. Right now, we all enjoy a neutral net. Itís here. It exists. Itís alive. And itís fucking fantastic.

Bless their hearts. Net Neutrality advocates have good intentions. They are typically very intelligent, sophisticated, and they obviously care enough to get involved in bringing about a better world. I hope that this article will help some of them realize that they are fighting to destroy their own goal. They are fighting for their enemy.

Our Enemy. We all have a common enemy here, because we all have a common goal. Everyone on all sides of this debate wants the same thing, an open and free internet.

Just like Castroís army and Leninís army gathered followers blissfully marching for their future freedom and prosperity only to later become shocked in horror, Net Neutrality Advocates will soon realize that they are marching and singing in support of The Boot. This boot stomps without precision, without emotion, without representation.

My friends, now is a time to stop and reflect. Before we continue fighting, letís briefly go over this issue so we can understand the perspectives.

There is no truly free country left on this planet. Thatís becoming less of a problem, because, we have the internet. The Internet, as it is right now, is humanityís last bastion of pure freedom. We plug in, we say what we like, we view what we like, we play, we connect, we share, we learn, we grow.

It is incredible how much the internet has already changed our lives. And the possibilities for the future are astonishing.

The internet is currently completely unregulated by our government. Thereís no government regulating our content, our activity, or our internet connections.

So what is Net Neutrality? And why is it so important?


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