Lew Rockwell Interview: Opt Out of the State

Lew Rockwell
Dec. 01, 2010

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Lew Rockwell shares the latest production by WSPD interview host, Brian Wilson.

Lew Rockwell believes that only by opting out of the state can we save our hides and our wallets. TSA violations of inalienable rights have nothing to do with real security, are bad for your health and could destroy perfectly fine private airlines -- the single group who actually cares about airline security. QE2 is massive inflationary printing that debases the money you do still have while we slide ever further into a deeper depression. Opt out of it all -- flying, the banks, the schools, and the vaccines -- as the TSA party, not the TEA party, stokes our anger and our opposition to control by creeps.

Brian Wilson's website.

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