NYPD cop secretly records evidence of a ticket and arrest quota system

Nov. 21, 2010

NYPD officer Adrian Schoolcraft secretly records NYPD top brass giving orders that tickets must be written and arrest must be made or there will be hell to pay. He goes on to say that he wants officers to harass people so vigorously that they will not even want to step foot outside in fear of being arrested or ticketed.

The police are nothing more than an organized crime syndicate which has fooled us into believing they are here to protect us. When was the last time you seen a cop save somebody or help you for that matter? You can't even look at a cop without him giving you a dirty look and finding you suspicious, that's if your not a young pretty girl or boy for that matter.

I can personally testify to constant harassment and intimidation by multiply NYPD cops, we are a city literally under siege as we are all being ticketed into poverty. Lines are wrapped around the corner at criminal court houses over tickets that cops seem to be giving out because they need to meet their quota aka productivity goal which is to make money for this corrupt Justice system and corporate owned prison industry. God help us all if we don't wake up and come together to stop this.

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