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Multimedia posted Oct 01 2010, 12:22 AM Category: Commentary Source: YouTube Print

How Government is Unraveling Civilization by Force | Jeffrey Tucker

This is an absolute must watch. - Chris InfoLib

> Technology and Social Change | Jeffrey A. Tucker
> The Cultural Upheaval of Loose Money | Jeffrey A. Tucker

Presented by Jeffrey A. Tucker at "The Delusion of Good Government": the Mises Circle in Colorado Springs, Colorado; 18 September 2010. Sponsored by Pikes Peak Economics Club. Includes an introduction by Douglas French.

Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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Posted: Oct 01 2010, 11:09 PM

174100 Well I could hardly sit through this meaningless discussion on the importance of capitalism. After all we have been through, the capitalists fear they will lose their stranglehold on power and wealth. Capitalism has but a narrow objective: to maximally increase profits and growth, thus minimizing competitors. Capitalism will never level the playing field. Look at our times to gage where capitalism has taken us. We have large scale consolidation of key industries to such a degree that our choices are even more limited than before. The big wealthy and powerful banks are swallowing up the smaller more delicious morsel of banks that are hardly responsible for the financial mess we are in. Look at the Home Depots, Lowes, WalMarts, grocery chains and their impacts to community. The smaller locally-owned and operated business is kapoot thanks to the big guy undercutting prices.

I'm not a socialist, nor do I expect government to take care of us. That is the furthest thought from my mind. But mankind, especially western mankind, needs a little bitch slap if you ask me. He is repugnant, greedy, deceitful and selfish. He cares not to see that society benefits or that children have the best learning tools. Our children should be smarter than us by the time they leave high school. They should have ever tool and technology available to them. And providing the truth is just as key as the tools.

Mr. Tucker does not rely upon such valiant traits as the truth, compassion, love and concern for our fellow man in his capitalistic model. He needs someone's back to carry the load. That would be you and I.

No. We need a more advanced system that ensures transparency, peace, harmony, the evolution of intelligence in all human beings and commitments from all to participate in an exciting future. We have had slavery since man has ruled under the guise of authority. The same bloodlines are still in power from ancient times. Our society has been stymied for hundreds of years from achieving wonderful things in the arena of energy, space travel, food generation, medicine and education. The culprit for holding back the evolution of man in these areas is nothing more than capitalism. Selfish, greedy capitalism that contributes very little to society beyond that which is necessary for bragging purposes.

Nice try old chap. But capitalism to me is not the solution. It may be part of the solution but certainly not the underpinnings of the achievements of the human race.


Posted: Oct 02 2010, 12:38 AM

You're confused about what is meant by the word capitalism. Capitalism in your mind = the system we have now which is crony state-run capitalism. Capitalism in real terms is just private property (being allowed to keep the fruits of your labor) and free trade (being allowed to freely trade your labor/goods with other people for profit and mutual benefit).

Many of the mega corps you're against are in their position only because of government. They pass "regulations" written by the big boys which makes the price of doing business very expensive, therefor the smaller people cannot enter the market and compete. Best example of that is drug companies and the FDA, I said before it costs about 100 million to bring a drug to market, I was wrong on that, it actually costs about 800 million to bring a drug to market:

So the idea anyone could compete in that industry (beyond the major players) is obviously laughable.

I think the greedy people you dislike are the government people and their crony "capitalist" (in name only) friends. Your local grocer down the street is not some evil greedy capitalist trying to exploit you.

The companies which succeed are the ones which care about their customers and serve them best.

Just think of the whole concept of "returns." It wasn't some selfless person who came up with the idea of letting people return products they don't like, it was some "greedy" capitalist who realized if we accept returns we'll get more business and make more money in the long haul because we make our customers happier and able to buy from us with confidence.

That's why costco, for example, is freaking paradise when it comes to buying electronics and basically everything. They'll accept a return on an LCD monitor or whatever without any questions asked. No one else does that, not newegg, not tigerdirect etc. If you don't realize that is a massive service I don't know what to tell you.

If mom and pop with their little store can't compete then they shouldn't be in the business they're in. There is only so many resources in this world and their allocation to the most efficient use is absolutely paramount to prevent the things you're saying about wasted resources and greed etc.

That's done by capitalism, not some valiant bureaucrat who claims to be motivated only by truth, compassion, and love.

Having good intentions is not good enough, just because someone lovingly chops down a tree and compassionately makes his chairs by hand doesn't mean that's the best use of the wood (nor his time). Maybe his chairs are uneven and no one wants them, then the wood was wasted. Most people would probably prefer a cheaper chair which is well made and cheap. What's great about the market is the people decide what's built and who gets to use their resources.
Nunya Bizness

Posted: Jan 19 2011, 11:46 AM

99141 <i>Most people would probably prefer a cheaper chair which is well made and cheap. What's great about the market is the people decide what's built and who gets to use their resources.</i><p>

Actually I prefer a moe expensive hand-made chair that is made well and will last a lifetime. Planned obsolescense is not a legitimate function of capitalism, however "garbage" is what costco sells, as well as 99 percent of every "American" retail store. How can one DECIDE what to buy when there are NO CHOICES???

That is all.

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