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Article posted Jul 14 2010, 9:53 PM Category: General Source: City-Data Forum Print

Forum Post: Denmark Sucks!! Happiest Nation..? My Ass!

Ok seriously I have been reading all over the Internet about how wonderful Denmark is and the comments are usually written by americans.. So I just felt obligated to write this rant, not to burst your bubble but to give you people a little hardcore dose of reality.

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Posted: Sep 23 2010, 4:22 AM

89150 Denmark sucks. The danish people are stone-faced, cold, soulless barbarians who are only happy when they are drunk.

Posted: Oct 04 2010, 5:35 AM

89150 Danish - A person who lives in Denmark. A country which has massive social problems, amongst the highest amount of lousy hospital treatments, a very greedy country that never pays compensation to its citizens. The schools in Denmark has been ranked low, and most people leaves the country after finished studying.

Developers of danish mentality; a primitive way of thinking, only found inside the heads of the danish citizens.

Posted: Oct 20 2010, 11:01 PM

89150 Denmark is a small, unknown country, located in the middle between Germany,Sweden & Norway, which, by the way, are three countries that are way superior in all aspects.

Denmark is populated by a racist,self-egoistic, arrogant people called "Danes", or Denmarkians.

Denmark is a country with massive social problems. However, instead of preventing it and doing something about it, the Denmarkians are known for their so called Danish Mentality.

Danish Mentality consists of denying the truth, lying ( if needed ), blaming everyone else as well as pointing fingers and insulting those who disagrees with them. A very primitive and rare behaviour, only found inside the head of the primitive danish people.

Denmark is crime haven. Once you commit a crime, you can go out free again and continue with the crime that you were previously caught doing. For example, a paedophile in Denmark can go out, have intercourse with children, then after being released by the sick danish government he can go out and repeat it as much as he would like. Source:

This danish citizen, has been arrested a total of 4 times, yet the danish government doesnt not see as why he should not be allowed to work with kids. A very sick place indeed.

Denmark has the highest taxes. This is to confuse and brainwash the danish youth and foreigners about how great a country Denmark is. In reality, despite the high taxes, Denmark has a low level of prosperity and welfare. The money is not used on its citizens, but rather on brainwashing people into believing how great a country Denmark is.

This danish citizen, was denied help from the danish government, despite the fact that he suffers from serious illness and needed help immediately. While the danish news and media are brainwashing people into beliving that denmark is a great country, these people in Denmark are suffering.

Denmark are known for having one of the highest amounts of alcohol-abuse in the world.

Despite there are other countries that has a high level of alcohol-intake as well, the difference is that while say France and Italy are known for drinking good, healthy wine, Denmark is known for abusing alcohol instead. Tuborg is a popular beer in Denmark ( but only in Denmark ) which basically is a beer that taste like shit but gets the danish citizens drunk extremely fast.

Drug abuse. Denmark has the highest abuse of cocain in europe.

This does not explain the behaviour of the danish people, the fact that they are Denmarkians is a natural disease which they are born with, but take a danish citizen, mix it with cheap tuborg beer and see him/her abuse the white powder, and there you have it. A typical danish person.

Posted: Nov 20 2010, 9:40 PM

8580 "The schools in Denmark has been ranked low"................... such a lie, we have one of the best school systems in the world, though cutbacks have been made becouse of the world crysis, but we are still number 2 atless it have changed in the last few months

Posted: Nov 20 2010, 9:43 PM

8580 "This danish citizen, has been arrested a total of 4 times" blame the freaking immigrants who commits 67% of our total crime, and they consist of only 10 % of our total population so it aint the "danes" who gets arrested 4 times its the freaking pakistani that we have been so sweet to take into our loving arms

Posted: Nov 20 2010, 9:45 PM

8580 And danish beer is some of the best in the world, or we wouldent have the the 4th biggest beer company in the world would we?

Posted: Nov 20 2010, 9:48 PM

8580 And you could add up alot of negative things about any country, dont forget we have had the worlds best economy only beaten by norways oil industry wich aint fair couse it is a raw material wich denmark have close to 0% of

Posted: Mar 05 2011, 6:49 AM

188183 I live in this place and it is nowhere NEAR the fairy tale that the media will have you believe. It’s basically a socialist hellhole, you get up, go to work and do the same day in day out.. you know there’s a reason why they call the Danes one of the happiest nations on earth.. basically people have no expectations whatsoever.. everything is already mediocre today so why should it be any different tomorrow? The prozac popping citizens of this country makes everything seem happy and all hunky dory to the outside world but did you know that over 450.000 people in this country are registered as "patients" in the system? This is out of a population of 5,5 million people! 1 out of every 11!! That does not even count half of the people who smoke weed and drink their their brains out every week.

As a wise man once said “you would have to be cortically challenged to want to live in Denmark, unless you are a spineless and unproductive welfare leech”
Yes you can make a fair lump of money on paper but have any of you people ever tried seeing 50-60% of your monthly salary cut away while some useless socialist politician tells you “Those high taxes are for the common good, you now have access to free healthcare blah blah blah”
Let me tell you free healthcare is BULL and you will basically die waiting for treatment… Hell I almost did, but luckily I got treatment at a private hospital and It was worth it! I would much rather pay a private insurance company to get in and out of the hospital alive! and you know what? I already do just as hundreds of thousands of citizens in this socialist country. People who can afford it here have an expensive private health insurance just as you do! Because ending up at a hospital with a serious illness is not good when the hospital is run upon a socialist system! Many of us basically die on the waiting list and the government owned and run media just covers it up!

What more is there to rant about? How about the worlds highest income taxation! Let my tell you the average tax payed by a dane this year is 57.5% That means that we basically work for FREE 201 days of the year.. The rest goes into our own (very small) pockets.. ohh and the general sales tax is 25%!!

OHHH!! Guess what! The general sales tax does NOT apply to vehicles.. Cars, motorcycles etc. Ohh nononono there are completely different rules for this can you guess what tax percentage on a car will be? Let me burst your bubble.. 210%...its called a luxury tax. What does that mean? A really nice car would cost about $50.000 in the United States? That same car will now cost you $155.000 in Denmark!! So If you ever come to Denmark don't wonder why there are no nice cars around and why the cars are so small, so old, polluting and rusty.. You can just merely tell yourself that it is because if it was up to the government we would all be riding our freakin bicycles like the happy prozac popping communists that we are.. in the pouring rain! You know there is a saying “You’ve been in Denmark too long when a Ford Escort starts to look like a nice ride.”

Oh! and by the way.. gas is 9 dollars a gallon because of the government's "special tax" added to all gasoline and diesel. It's basically just a scheme to get people out of their cars and onto their ****ty little bikes.

The absolutely worst thing about this place is the mentality of the people, If you ever come here and buy a really nice house or a car (if you can afford it) don't tell anyone! People will hate and they loath you for it! They won't tell you but you will feel the wrath of their jealousy.. If you're lucky you might have a few people who will congratulate you. There are a few things in this country that is absolutely taboo.. success and wealth!

Anyways you can read more about this sort of social behavior if you google "law of jante" , danish society is basically built around these fictional rules.
Mea Martell

Posted: Jun 29 2011, 5:11 PM

8756 yeah, I live in Denmark and it sucks big time. The Danish mentality is sooo boring. All they do is stay indoors drinking and watching TV. They eat crp food like pork and potatoes (no spices or herbs) and spend their time spying on their neighbors (German TV likened the Danes to the East German Stazi).

Oh, and don't get me started on their racism ....
A dane from the countryside.

Posted: Sep 28 2011, 8:23 PM

93161 The behavour of the danes very much depends on what area in the country you are in. I am a dane myself but I don´t like the capital due to the selfish culture there but prefer the more friendly country culture you find outside the large towns, especially in Jutland. If you think you have exsperienced the danish culture just by visiting rotten Copenhagen you couldn´t be more wrong. The cultural differences in this small country in diffirent areas are enourmous. Denmark is a country that is split up in terms of culture and general behavour. Main differences are seen when you compare Sealand and Jutland. Go to Jutland, especially the north part, of it if you want to see the more friendly part of Denmark is my advice.

And by the way, some of our companies are the largest of their kind in the world and others among them so the danes are not a lazy people.

But the alcohole and drug abuse by many young danes is a big problem in this country, that is correct, sadly.

Posted: Feb 11 2014, 11:06 PM

68104 And you like to kill young giraffes and feed them to lions. You forgot to mention that.

Posted: Feb 17 2014, 6:51 AM

21224 And also you forgot to mention that this giraffes killing show is a very good distraction for dannish kids, they are happy to look at this. After such show do not wonder why alcohole, drug abuse, suicide among young people is such a problem in Dannemark.

Posted: Apr 29 2014, 9:32 AM

19347 I live in Arhus, and I can say the same as all people above. Almost every foreigner I know living here are highly disappointed about the Danish reality of life: bad hospitals, worst transport, very high prices, very bad services.
We always say here that this is a country where mediocre people likes to come as they can't get an opportunity anywhere else
Most of qualified people who comes here leaves before 1,5 years
But the worst is to see how Danes are highly brainwashed to believe that everything here is best....

Posted: Jul 18 2014, 2:12 AM

8754 Lovely to see that some people can see through the veil. Denmark is customized by our politicians and media, ready to fit perfectlly into EU's one World. The population is passive- agressive , racists and true to there government. The state can impose ANY law or rule on us. We just conform.
The negative, agressive responses here, is a clear Picture of how danes are. There is no debating, if you criticize denmark. there is only hate. In there defence of the state, you will se they completely forget your point. And some just called the police on you, be sure of that ;)

Posted: Jul 04 2015, 10:24 PM

2418 Racism in Denmark, let's talk about it

The Danes look down to people who's not white, even you are so 'lucky' born in the country

For your reference if interested, I lived there for 19 years and not as a white race. I recognize every single negative thing that has been talking here, they are all true

Posted: Jul 29 2015, 5:36 AM

8652 I have lived here in Denmark since 1977 have a Danish wife and 2 girls.It is very true Danes are very patriotic,and proud of their country.It,s true they will talk politics but will end up telling one to bugger off if you dont like it,if you get to critical.They will allways use how poor the poor are in USA or UK for comparison to the Danish model..After all Denmark is a small country with a few drops of North sea oil &gas running out.They have used education,knowhow and organisation through organsed unions,employers and government with generous wages, wellfare and it does not matter which way you look at it even with huge taxes mr&mrs average educated Dane bring home the bacon.The truth is the indirect taxes on everything are stifeling and making the poorer more poor.The Danish model does not work for equality anymore because alot of people are on handouts.I would say that adjustments should be made in the right laces regards to taxes & tariffs making it cheaper for the poorer and slow all the handouts.Wont ever happen because there is a Paradox of fierce monopol capiatism and non flexible socialism and most Danes love paying for security.If a Dane thinks because he rides a bike and has a one bedroomed apartmentthat he lives in utopia,thats their perogative.

Posted: Jan 01 2016, 4:49 PM

2109 Good to see that so many now exactly how danes and Denmark is the Nazi Party DF or Dansk Folkeparti has won the election.

And the most smug idiot who openly says he would not stoop to wear a pair of shoes at a price of $ 366 it was even when he was chairman of Party called Venstre the second largest Nazi Party in Denmark is now the Prime Minister because the Danes are so naive and stupid they believe everything they are told in television just before X factor or some other idiotic tv program.

And the elders are the worse sucked out every single penny of the society running around like 20 years old just to laugh at.

Old idiotic fools

Posted: Jan 26 2016, 3:05 PM

170185 they all suck giant bbc's
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