Call Flood: Police slaughter dog
Cop Block
Jun. 20, 2010

This is one of the most disgusting videos Iíve ever seen. Two Missouri Police officers are attempting to capture a dog that is leashed to a truck. The dog lays down at one point in the video and throughout is anything but vicious. As soon as one of the officers gets the dog on the pole it takes off, presumably, scared. Words cannot explain what happens next, start video at 4:40 mark.

These officers shouldnít be allow to serve the community if they canít get a dog under control without using force. What is it with Missouri police shooting dogs? Is there some sort of dog phobia in Missouri I donít know about? If I lived there Iíd be keeping my dog as far away from police as possible. Theyíre fucking monsters.
I figured I would re-post it to the main feed because I located the contact information for the police department these cops work for. If this video disgusts you as much as it did me, give the Lagrange police a call at 573-655-4611 and let them know about your feelings. You could also try calling City Hall or signing this petition which a Cop Block supporter linked us to.

The police chief isĖsurprise, surpriseĖdefending the actions of these officers, claiming that they ďthey did what they had to do,Ē but he should know better. Letís make sure they donít get off the hook for this senseless act of violence.

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