911 Operator (Barely) Disciplined Over Callous Response To Girl As Her Parents Died

911 Operator Disciplined Over Response
Dispatcher Accused Of Not Being Sensitive Enough

WDIV Detroit
Apr. 20, 2010

The dispatcher was not even fired and the police chief is defending her saying she 'did everything right'. - ChrisDETROIT -- A 911 dispatcher who is accused of responding coldheartedly to a child pleading for help as her mother lay dying has been disciplined.

Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans said that the dispatcher acted appropriately by sending a car in timely fashion, but he said she could have shown more "sensitivity" toward the girl as she discovered her mother and her mother's boyfriend had been fatally shot.

Police would not release the dispatchers name and what disciplinary actions she received, saying both were personnel matters.

The dispatcher came under fire when police released a 911 call of the double homicides in hopes of garnering the public's help in finding the killer.

Derrick Dennard Smith, 42, was later tracked down in California and arrested in connection with the murders of the girl's mother, Monica Botello, 27, and her boyfriend Purcell Carson, 26.

Police said Botello's 8-year-old daughter and her 6-year-old half-sister hid in the home on Glastonbury Road during the shooting. Neither of the children were injured.

After Smith and an unknown accomplice left the home, Botello's daughter called 911 from her mother's cell phone, police said.

"My mommy's in the basement and I need emergency," the little girl said.

"This dispatcher in that case did everything right. I mean, everything but demeanor maybe," - Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans

[Listen to the full tape for how long she stalls, it's worse than this video even, 'how old is your sister', 'You just said your mom didn't live there?' etc. Then at the end she doesn't even respond? It sounds like she hung up on the girl? Dispatchers are supposed to stay on the line until the police arrive.]

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Read the rest of the WDIV Detroit article here.
[Take note of the partial transcript and how it leaves out some of the worst parts of the tape. Though, at least they reprinted some of it, almost every other news report acted like the story was just a footnote.]

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