Fake CONservatives Beck and O'reilly Call For Massive Tax Increases on All Americans

Dec. 14, 2009

Benedict Arnold fake conservatives stab supporters in the back, call for massive VAT tax, federal sales tax, to siphon trillions out of US economy to pay off foreign bankers. The national debt is an illegitimate debt American's are not entitled to pay, the Federal Reserve bank is a privately run cartel which hijacked America in 1913 and has been looting us ever since. Kennedy ordered the fed to be abolished and a single coin to be minted to pay back all the debt in one swoop, he was murdered a month later. We owe the bankster criminals nothing. These fake conservatives want to steal trillions through new taxes and still pose as conservatives, they are CON-servatives and now their true agenda is out for everyone to see. Shill O'Liely has also called for a socialist public option in order to have the government take over 20% of the American economy, one of the only American industries which cannot be outsourced. Shill O'reilly and Glenn Beck are traitors to America and the opposite of conservatives.

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