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Sally Fallon: The Truth About Soy and Why it's Toxic

Topics Discussed on Part 1 of 4:

-The importance of Animal Fats in our diet.

-Sacred Food among American Indians: Bear Fat

-Crop Pesticide Applications are Estrogen's (Hormones)--causing early on set of puberty--DES Hormone implicated

-Estrogens occour naturally in soy--insects that come into contact with these estrogens becomes sterile

-Genetically Modified (GM) Soy developed so that more herbicides could be sprayed on the crop--GM Soy is much higher in Tripsin Inhibitors (inhibit Protein Digestion)---very hard to eliminate Tripsin from Soy: can cause pancreatic, digestive problems, protien deficiencies, etc...

-Aprox. 85-90% of all Soy is GM and sprayed

-Misconceptions about the Asian Diet--Japan: Avg. Soy consumption is about 10 g's a day (2 tsps.)--mostly fermented soy, or a little tofu eaten with a fish broth that counteracts particular mineral blocking agents---is not used to replace Animal Foods----Japan: AVG consumption of Fish is 150 pounds per person per year; almost half a pound a day-----1960s China Survey: 65% of the calories in the chinese diet is from Pork (includes: Lard)

-Soy: When used traditionally is almost always fermented and used in great moderation

-Soy Protein Isolate: found in almost every 'health' nutrion bar, etc..

-Soy Protien Isolate: most of it is made by Dupont: owners of Technology International; the same people who are producing all of these pesticides

-Soy Protein Isolate: is the worst Excito Toxin, causes the brain neurons to trigger over and over and over until they fatigue--produces a drug like response/effect

Topics Discussed in Part 2 of 4:

-Soy Protein Isolate: is the worst Excito Toxin, causes the brain neurons to trigger over and over and over until they fatigue--produces a drug like response/effect

-MSG: billion dollar buisness--name is continually changing, ie: hydrolized protien, natural flavour, spices, artificial flavour

-Grass Fed Animals and Fat Soluble Vitamins A and D--Weston A Price's findings---detoxifing pesticides, chemicals, etc

-Organic and Confinement Dairies--Dairy Cow in confinement: life-span is aprox. 42 months (almost 4 years), A cow out in Pasture: life-span is aprox. 10-12 years

-Alan Savory's Work on brittle land (land with little rain fall)--hooves running over the land encourage grass to grow as long as it's not over-grazed

-Slaughterhouses--organic and non-organic---USDA under pressure

-CJD related deaths

-Bovine problems (Prion Disorders) in the cows that were sprayed--Mark Purdy's (sic?) work

-Proper methods of preparing Grains and Legumes

-Soy Formula for babies: is a disaster--whole foods baby formulas, breast milk from healthy mothers, etc

Sally Fallon's Book: Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats

Topics Discussed in Part 3 of 4:

-Soy Formulas, when given to infants, the average baby will get 25-41 mg's of Isoflaven's--that is in the range that causes problems in women, in just a few months of feeding---caused pathological breast changes in the menstrual cycle in adult women

-Peurtorican Study: Soy Estrogen: was associated with premature development in the little girls--no good study about Soy Estrogen's effect on little boys: anecdotelly, it seems to affect little boys in different ways: either very early on set of a masculine growth or a very retarded sexual development, very often: extreme emotional behaviour and learning disabilities: ADD

-Healthy Diet with the appropriate fats and nutrients that growing children need--Cod Liver Oil

-Cod Liver Oil: 1930's, 1940's Dr's were reccomending two tea-spoons of Cod Liver oil for babies, starting at 3 months--Cod Liver Oil to help avoid learning disabilities in children---Cod Liver oil is synergistic with the Saturated Fats in Milk, Coconut Oil and need to be taken together

-Soy in the Marketplace: up into the 100's of millions of dollars--worlds largest cash crop---80% of the partially hydrogenated vegetable oil in America is from Soy Oil----what is left over after the Soy is extracted from the bean is a waste product (Soy Protein Isolate!)

-Mary Enig: Fat (Lipids) Researcher

-Book Section: Traditional Tonics and Superfoods: Fermented foods, milk tonics, etc...foods that concentrate nutrients--cod liver oil, yeast, glands, blue green algae, kelp

-Recipes: Flourless Carob Cake--Made with Eggs and Carob, with a natural sweetener

-Wheat Allergies, Wheat Gluten:Alfa-Glyidens (sic?) in Wheat are Protiens that are very hard to break down--two thing occuring here---leaky gut and verirritating types of proteins that can pas through the gut wall and even destroy the gut wall----opinion: proper preperation of wheat (particularilly old fashion methods) makes it much more digestible-----Proper Preperation is: Soaking, sour levening, old fashioned sour-dough, etc...

-Commercial Soup's Substitute Flavours are Excito-Toxins: base = hydrolized protein, another word for MSG--tasteless foods are dependent on MSG---"Long Shelf Life, Short Human Life"

Topics Discussed in Part 4 of 4:

-Ancient Preservation Methods will actually put more nutrients in the food: Lacto-fermentation, for example; old fashioned sour kraut--encourages growth of bacteria, which produce lactic-acid (a preservative) and during this process alot of nutrient content is increased: vitamin C, Mineral's become more available, many toxins are neutralized---Lacto Fermented Fruits and Vegetables and Lacto-fermented Beverages

-Lactic Acid: can be derived from dairy sources, all vegetables have lactic-acid on them and in their juice--homemade whey: usable on vegetables as a preservative---how to get whey out, let yogurt seperate

-Spinach and Dark-Leafy Vegetables: Oxalic-Acid present, needs to be gotten rid of some how, traditionally is removed by cooking it--example: steamed lighly and eaten with pasture-fed butter, butter will supply you with Vitamin A and Vitamin D, the activators that help you absorb the minerals---or saute with onions and butter

-Nuts: lots of irritants and toxins present: can be neautralized by soaking the nuts in Salt Water, letting them drain and then dehydrating them in a warm oven

-Majority of Dairy intolerance is due to: animals eating wrong types of food, milk is pasteruized, doesn't have enough fat in it--each one of these things makes the milk less and less digestible---examples of people who are able to drink Raw Milk even though they think that they have an intolerance to all milk

-Protein, B12, Vitamin A, etc for Vegetarians---Synthetic Vitamin A is toxic, true vitamin A is from an animal fat (probably fish oil)----B12 is destroyed by pasteurization, present in: Raw Cheese, Raw Milk, Eggs, Meat-----Rabbit derives B12 from his droppings------2 types of vegetarian animals: 4 gut fermentors (ie: cow): get thier B12 from the die off of Protozoa in their gut and Hind Gut Fermentors (ie: rabbit) get their B12 from their droppings

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